Tips for Creating a Professional Brochure

A brochure can serve as a powerful – and visual – way to express your business’ services and products in a compelling manner for your customers. However for a brochure to be successful, and not just a waste of time, energy, and resources, it should feature a professional-quality design that is appropriate to the effect that you want to achieve. Here are some tips from our Los Angeles brochure designers on how to design a professional-quality brochure.

Understand Your Purpose

Think about the demographic you are trying to reach. What should your customers know about your products and services? How are you going to present them? Will your brochure sum up information for your customers to be taken in after you meet with them? Or is your brochure to be sent to customers who inquire about your products and services? Maybe this is a brochure you can pass at a point of sale? The purpose of the brochure will determine everything else: the materials, format, and content you decide to use for the brochure.

Use Quality Materials

When our Los Angeles brochure designers go about procuring materials for the project, they always seek out quality materials that speak to your professionalism. It is worth putting the money into high quality paper and printing techniques that accentuate the brochure content. Glossy, thicker paper materials feel better on your hands and bring out the colors in the content, sending your customers the message that you care about the products and services you put out. Some businesses even use nice touches like textured covers with embossed type or sleeves with shapes cut into them to add another layer of presentation.

Think About Format

There are several things to consider when you think about formatting your brochure. You need to think about the size of your brochure, the way it will fold, the information and type you want in your brochure, and any pictures you want to put in and where they will go. Whether your brochure is going to be mailed or simply given to a customer will determine the size and shape. You also want to make sure you are presenting the necessary information in an eye-pleasing format, but avoid making your brochure too busy and cluttered. Provide space to allow your reader’s eyes to wander over the various pictures, graphics, and text blurbs at their leisure.

Gather Quality Content and Put It All Together

Make sure you are using quality graphics, pictures, and written content. Our Los Angeles brochure designers work with professional content writers to generate informative, fresh content. We are also sure to secure appealing, professional pictures to support the overall message of the brochure and generate visual interest. How does the font of your text, the colors of your graphics and text, and your pictures all look together, given the format you originally decided on?

Hire a Professional

Coalition Technologies offers the top Los Angeles brochure designers in the industry. Our designers sit down with your business to understand exactly what you want to communicate about your products and services, as well as the demographic you are looking to sell to. Our designers work with talented professional content writers and quality materials and printing techniques to give you a professional grade brochure that tells your customers that you care about the products or services you put out. Give us a call today at 1-888-840-3469 and get a free quote.

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