Funny Old Emails

I picked a random time period in my email to review and reflect back upon. Turned out to be December 2013. Thousands of emails, but a few stuck out and grabbed my attention. I like to think I have improved as a people person / people manager since this point:

Email from me to my ex: “Choose: the business or me?”.… read more “Funny Old Emails”


I am often afraid of sharing my stories from business here on my blog. Some of the more interesting stories will contain mistakes I’ve made and I worry that that could cause companies not to want to hire us or possibly even lawsuits from people who might feel like I have defamed them. However, I think it would be extraordinarily helpful to other CEO’s and Founder’s for these stories to be shared so that we can all learn from them and not just have each of us make the same mistakes over and over.


The apartment was quiet and spotlessly clean. Lots of delicious food was on the counter, along with a bottle of good champagne. I stood by the front door, shifting from foot to foot and sweating, dressed in a nice dark green button down shirt and a good pair of dark jeans. After an interminable wait, there was finally the rattling of the key in the lock.… read more “Proposal”