Bit Manipulation

My programming skills have greatly improved over the last few years, but one area I never have really used much is Bit Manipulation. One of my goals over the coming week or two is to learn more about this to help round out my basic programming abilities.

Video Games / Real Work

Jeremy sent an article this morning on video games that I found to be interesting. I feel like video games can be a blessing and a curse. They are a blessing when you can control the amount you play them, and they help to develop your brain in positive ways. Video games are a curse when you become addicted to the extent that you neglect your real life.… read more “Video Games / Real Work”

Surgeons View of Death

I really liked this surgeon’s view on death.

I think that our society’s rush to keep every person alive no matter what the cost is actually a terrible decision. When you have individual cell’s in your body that do anything they can to survive, that’s called “Cancer”.

Think about it this way: a ten year old who breaks his leg is something absolutely worth treating and helping to recover – he will be valuable to society for 70 more years and fixing a broken leg costs under $5,000.… read more “Surgeons View of Death”

Blender Drinks

I have been drinking blender drinks for about 6 or 7 years now on a daily basis. I feel like they help keep me much healthier than I otherwise could be. Generally, they just consist of:

  • Either broccoli or spinach
  • Berries (blue or rasp or straw)
  • Raw walnuts – handful

They are easy to drink while I work and keep me full while also allowing my brain to be fresh and aware.… read more “Blender Drinks”


I looked around for a good programming challenges site to continue to hone my programming skills and the best one I found was The site is built by an Indian so the English is pretty poor, but the functionality of the editor is the best I’ve seen and it is a easy and user friendly site.… read more “HackerEarth”

Pricing advice from HN

I always start my service for free, and tell them at some point I’m going to charge pricing, but the first 100 users don’t have to pay EVER.

After I get ~50 – ~300 users, I tell them I’m going to set pricing. I usually do this with a pop up or email. They then have a drop down with “how much would you be willing to pay monthly for this service”

Usually you get some range, say $5/month to $100/month.… read more “Pricing advice from HN”

Big Business Goals For Next 3 Months

I am going to try build up management tools in my Scoretask application for the rest of Coalition’s internal processes. I have already built awesome tools for recruiting, training, management feedback, task management, and link building. Copy management is in progress. After that, I will work on SEO metrics and checklist, sales, management reports, retain and web development management tools.… read more “Big Business Goals For Next 3 Months”