Found a New Place

After looking at a lot of crappy rooms with various semi-slumlords, I found a good place in Factoria near my new workplace.

The CL ad describes it pretty well below:

$575 Nice Master Bedroom in Bellevue Live with young Professionals UW Grads (Bellevue Eastgate)
Nice master bedroom for rent in South Bellevue. Private bedroom with separate shower. new paint and carpet. Live with 3 young (26yo) professionals. Rent includes utilities, comcast cable, wifi, washer/ dryer, hot tub, bbq and garage parking if needed. Large Bedroom 13×19… Nice clean place to live that is reasonable too. Email with questions. Close to BCC, Downtown Seattle, Downtown Bellevue… terms negotiable..move in april 1st if desired

I met two of the guys living there and they were cool.‚  The guy who owns it is on vacation in Waikiki right now, but I’m supposed to meet him when he gets back Monday. I just turned in my 20 days notice and will need to move soon… any helpful volunteers out there?

Funny George Washington Video

The funny George Washington video is an excellent way to spend two and a half minutes.‚  Check it out below:

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What Happens When…?

Let’s play a fun little game.‚  I call it “What Happens When..?”‚  For the most fun, try to guess the answers before you read them!

Q: What happens when you have two apples, then buy two more?

A: You have four apples.

Q: What happens when you throw a ball in the air?

A:The ball comes back down again.

Q: What happens when your ignorant girlfriend starts flicking booze at a stranger in his best plastic cowboy hat?

A:She gets a face full of his beer.

Q: What happens when you take a swing at said stranger?

A:You get decked in the face.

Salumi Seattle: Mind-Blowingly Good Sandwiches & Meats

Ian, my chef friend,‚  as told me about this place Salumi in Pioneer Square for several months but I had never made it down.‚  Finally, I looked Salumi up today and realized it is less than a block away from where I work so I stopped by at lunch time. I ordered the Finocchiona sandwich on traditional olive bread with mozzarella and grilled onions.‚  Finocchiona is a salami made of cracked fennel, black pepper and a touch of curry.

My god.‚  Salumi is incredibly good.‚  I even ordered an extra container of their Salumi salami just to share with my coworkers.‚  On their wall, Salumi had an article in which Anthony Bourdain called them “the Pacific Northwest’s best eatery”.‚  The owners are the parents of famous chef Mario Batali… they must have taught him everything he knows.

I strongly recommend anyone who passes through Pioneer Square to stop and eat at Salumi.‚  It is only open though at lunchtime from 11am to 4pm.‚  Happy eating!

How to Tell When She’s Lost Interest

Could you be the loser in the middle?
Could you be the loser in the middle?

Do you think your lover has lost interest in you?‚  Have you tried talking to her and she is unresponsive?‚  Are you curious if you are already unknowingly a relic of the past?

You may think that your passionate feelings must be shared by your lover, but that often is not the case.‚  People have ups and downs in their feelings for others and those feelings rarely match.‚  A friend of mine dated a woman for a couple of years and she was madly in love with him and wanted to get married while he didn’t care that much.‚  Towards the end though,when her interest was waning, his interest started to grow.‚  He had waited too long though and lost her.

So how do you know if she doesn’t care about you anymore?‚  The stages are pretty obvious:

  • The fire and heat have dissipated.
  • Conversations are brief and disjointed
  • She’s unresponsive to your calls, texts, and other entreaties.
  • She flat out tells you she’s not interested (duh).
  • The Box is delivered to her, but sadly rejected.
  • She tells you to never speak to her again.
  • Your stake-out of her house ends with her new boyfriend putting a gun to your head.
  • The police deliver a restraining order to you.
  • Even after you kill her boyfriend, she doesn’t understand your love.
  • You put her in the wedding sack and then into your trunk.
  • Half way to Ohio, you find your white Bronco in an interstate police chase.
  • During the sixteen hour police standoff, she finally says “I love you”.
  • After your surrender, she recants and spits in your face.
  • Your daily love letters from death row go unanswered.

Love’s a b*tch, ain’t it?‚  Maybe you should never have opened that box of Craigslist worms.‚  Lesson: Stay at home with a box of Kleenex and your “hygienic hand lotion”.

Why Not Date Friend’s Ex’s?

Why is it so taboo to date someone after someone you know already dated that person? It seems gross to me and I usually dont do it, but why is that? I mean, wouldn’t you rather know that your new lover has been in trusted, good hands before? Why is 10-20 random people better?

I asked my friends this question and below are their answers.‚  My ideas are at the very bottom of the post on why people usually are opposed to dating their friend’s ex’s.

Z: Cuz its not personal

Q: in this case, i think ignorance is bliss. how weird would it be to listen to your friend talk about her boyfriend, good and bad, then pursue a relationship with him? you want your boyfriend or girlfriend’s ex to be anonymous…you want to believe that they were too good and that’s why they moved on to better things (aka you). that’s hard to say if they in fact moved on from your best friend, right?
me: ahh.. so its because of a fear of being the second choice or having to take the leavings of someone you know? but aren’t you willing to that with cars, apartments, and other things? also, if they just aren’t a good fit for your friend doesnt mean they wont be a good fit for you, right?
Q: hmm i don’t think you can make that comparison, but we can go there if you’d like. i buy a car from you, we both know the value and agree on a price. now, if i end up dating my friend’s ex, whatever the value of the guy is, it has already depreciated in value…maybe i want a sportcar and my friend wanted an SUV. it doesn’t matter, whatever it is, the value is inherently lower because of he’s been “depreciated” through her “use” 🙂
it’s not about fit, it’s about perceived value
me: haha hmm.. why is use by a friend worse than use by a random?
Q: information bias
me: explain
Q: think about why people might break up….unfaithfulness, lies, whatever. i rarely believe that it is mutual, and in fact, you’re like if it works out that way. because of that, there’s a good chance that you are dating or potentially will date someone who pulled an ass move (was the bad guy in the breakup)
you know the nitty gritty details if its your friend…you are either consoling her and cursing him out, or supporting her in her decision even if it’s probably not fair anyways, you are so close to the truth of the relationship, that if you were to pursue a relationship with the ex, there is no mystery. you know too much. it’s hard to give someone a fair, unbiased shot if you know the details of the relationship

T: 10-20?
me: just a guess at how many they slept with previously
T: got it. there are many reasons why this is…. with a random girl you have hope she could be flawless/ special
if you know enough about her going in, she’s ordinary

Y: not 100% sure.. would you rather have a threesome with you a random guy and some girl or someone you knew?
me: not sure. u?
Y: prol a friend… laugh about it later… though if i would have done that with X (sketchy friend) i could have caught the herp… thankfully the girl was so drunk she puked in his bed

B: well, i think generally its taboo b/c it may affect your friendship. you don’t always know if that person is really harboring feelings still or not
guys aren’t exactly the best at relay those sort of things to each other
it’s usually more crude and simplistic
was she hoit
was she a good lay
was she cool
was she crazy
blah blah
if you dated your friend’s ex and she was nuts… he is either going to think you are nuts for dating his crazy sloppy seconds (ergo associating you with her crazy deficiencies)
he might get that whole grass is greener syndrome
and start thinking that he misses her
and secretly he’ll resent you and want her back
on another note…
you really want to put your penis in the same place your friend put his penis?

W: that’s a great question
i think its depends on the circumstances: if they parted under perfect amicable conditions then its not that big of a deal right? but that’s probably pretty rare
me: would it be okay under amicable conditions?
W: are you asking if it’s morally problematic?
or in poor taste?

bc those are two different things
i just think its very circumstantial
you can’t apply a rule of thumb and if you try you are
eliminating a lot of people you could possibly date

bc you will probably end up with someone already in your social circle
even if its a fairly distant connection

you have to think about your relationship with the other person….like if you know for a
fact that your friend would really be hurt if you dated his ex

then i wouldn’t say he has a claim on her
but you do have to acknowledge that your actions might hurt him
if you can accept that then go for it
i think people are resilient and so are friendships

if they parted there is a reason and nobody “owns” another person
so really…i have no answer

Joel: Starting with someone fresh is usually a much better idea in my experience than trying to date a girl who has dated other people that you know.‚  It is possible to date someone who has already dated inside your social circle, but it is too easy for jealousy issues to arise or for you to think of that person as someone else’s leavings.‚  A strong, mature person could probably make it work but otherwise you are asking for trouble and heartache.

Dinner Last Night

Since none of the usual group could make our Monday night dinner last night, I invited a bunch of other friends instead.‚  We made pork loins on the grill with apple & bacon on top, roasted asparagus and grilled fingerling potatoes.‚  Good stuff and it was fun to share some culinary joys with other people.