Found a New Place

After looking at a lot of crappy rooms with various semi-slumlords, I found a good place in Factoria near my new workplace.

The CL ad describes it pretty well below:

$575 Nice Master Bedroom in Bellevue Live with young Professionals UW Grads (Bellevue Eastgate)
Nice master bedroom for rent in South Bellevue. Private bedroom with separate shower.
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Funny George Washington Video

The funny George Washington video is an excellent way to spend two and a half minutes.‚  Check it out below:

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Salumi Seattle: Mind-Blowingly Good Sandwiches & Meats

Ian, my chef friend,‚  as told me about this place Salumi in Pioneer Square for several months but I had never made it down.‚  Finally, I looked Salumi up today and realized it is less than a block away from where I work so I stopped by at lunch time. I ordered the Finocchiona sandwich on traditional olive bread with mozzarella and grilled onions.‚ … read more “Salumi Seattle: Mind-Blowingly Good Sandwiches & Meats”

Dinner Last Night

Since none of the usual group could make our Monday night dinner last night, I invited a bunch of other friends instead.‚  We made pork loins on the grill with apple & bacon on top, roasted asparagus and grilled fingerling potatoes.‚  Good stuff and it was fun to share some culinary joys with other people.

First Flag Football Game of the Season

Tonight was our first flag football game of the season.‚  I am still playing in the Underdog Sports League at Memorial Stadium with the Screamin’ Eagles.‚  The night was a chilly 45 degrees and the sun had just set as our game started at 7 pm.‚  The team we played against was pretty easy, but our quarterback is still not playing that well.‚ … read more “First Flag Football Game of the Season”

Mark & Keri Come For Lunch

My high school friend Mark and his wife Keri came up for a late lunch at my place today.‚  We had pugliese bread with Cambalooza triple brie cheese and olive bruschetta for our appetizer and grilled blue marlin with red peppers for the main course and roasted asparagus spears as a side.‚  The Rody’s brought white chocolate fudge and peanut brittle for dessert.‚ … read more “Mark & Keri Come For Lunch”

Eggs & Kimchi

I tried making eggs with kimchi this morning and had a bit of a failure… I put the kimchi in the eggs too early and ended up cooking it a bit so it doesn’t taste as good.‚  And I made an 18 egg omellette.‚  Ugh.