First Flag Football Game of the Season

Tonight was our first flag football game of the season.‚  I am still playing in the Underdog Sports League at Memorial Stadium with the Screamin’ Eagles.‚  The night was a chilly 45 degrees and the sun had just set as our game started at 7 pm.‚  The team we played against was pretty easy, but our quarterback is still not playing that well.‚  Two seasons ago we had a different QB and went undefeated, but when we switched back to Ole in the fall our team was only 3-3 and got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs.

At the end of the game (which we dominated), a player on the opposing team looked up at me as he was about to hike the ball to his quarterback and flatly said, “Cheater”.‚  Not sure how I was cheating with two refs watching… I think some guys just don’t know how to handle losing gracefully.

Mark & Keri Come For Lunch

My high school friend Mark and his wife Keri came up for a late lunch at my place today.‚  We had pugliese bread with Cambalooza triple brie cheese and olive bruschetta for our appetizer and grilled blue marlin with red peppers for the main course and roasted asparagus spears as a side.‚  The Rody’s brought white chocolate fudge and peanut brittle for dessert.‚  We had a good time and talked all the way up till my flag football game at 6:30 pm.

Kirkland Nightclubs

Nick, Andrew, Kenny, Stewie, Bryan and I went out to Kirkland last night.‚  I may be moving into that area soon so I wanted to check out the nightlife and see if it’s any good.‚  We went to the Wilde Rover, Sharks and another club I can’t remember the name of.‚  The girls were hot, but there was also plentiful dudes and cougs.‚  I had a couple of interesting discussions at the end of the night with Andrew about how bar lighting can make girls look far better than they do in regular lights and also how after midnight you rarely meet hot girls and mostly just put nails in the coffin.‚  It would be smart to bail at around 12:30 if nothing’s going on.

Eggs & Kimchi

I tried making eggs with kimchi this morning and had a bit of a failure… I put the kimchi in the eggs too early and ended up cooking it a bit so it doesn’t taste as good.‚  And I made an 18 egg omellette.‚  Ugh.

Conficker: Monster Computer Worm About To Go Live

On April 1, 2009, the world’s largest computer worm will go online creating potentially the most powerful parallel computer in history, harnessing the power of 12 million or more computers captured.‚  Previous computer hackers have used their enormously powerful bot networks to do such inane things as try to hack captcha’s or send spam.‚  Hopefully the hacker who created Conficker has no higher ambitions.‚  Computer security workers say that the creator of Conficker is far ahead of them in technology & ability and they have been completely unable to stop him.‚  Theoretically, the Conficker worm could be used to bring down major sections of the Internet itself in coordinated DNS attacks in essentially the largest act of cyber warfare ever seen.‚  Almost every business worldwide is now tied into the internet in some way and the potential for losses runs into the trillions of dollars.‚  Another potential application is the creation of a dragnet: essentially scraping the personal information of everyone on earth and using it to commit the largest frauds in the history of man.‚  Hell, maybe the hacker will go live with SkyNet and we will have a bunch of fun Terminators running around soon.‚  Good thing we still have Arnold around.

Sexual Harassment of Men?

Strange occurrence happened to me today at work.

I was walking into my office and older female coworker was looking at my stomach and stopped in front of me blocking my way.‚  I pulled up to a halt and she poked me in the stomach and said, “Hard body” and went on her way.‚  A little weird, but I wasn’t worried about it and actually found it a little complimentary.

The incident brought to mind how sexual harassment is vastly different for men and women in the workplace, even though “equal rights” supposedly prevail.‚  I asked a couple of my friends what they thought:

F:‚  “When they do it to you, you like it; when you do it back, they don’t”

D: “Just one more inequality”

T: “Sexual harassment is a way to specifically protect hot girls”

Men generally seem to have the attitude that sexual harassment of men is humorous, whereas women don’t care as much about sexual harassment of men since it is not an issue that affects them.‚  Societal expectations differ on how men and women think of sex and sexual advances enough that a men who actually undergo aggressive unwanted sexual advances are laughed at if they say anything.‚  Fortunately, my ugly mug protects me from real sexual harassment lol.


My company is moving to Factoria and I am debating what to do.‚  My options are to commute across the I-90 bridge, move to Factoria, find a new job or start my own biz.‚  Leaning towards simply moving over there right now.‚  I am going to go view places on Saturday.

How Long To Wait Till Having Sex?

How long should you wait till you sleep with your new beau? Over the last couple of months, I have been rethinking my policy on when I sleep with new women I like.‚  Formerly I believed that the sooner you slept with your partner, the better, but I have developed serious doubts about that philosophy.‚  I have begun to think that sleeping with someone too soon leads to that person feeling not as valuable and just thinking you are out for sex.‚  That insecurity leads to trust and passion problems further down the road.

I think it is important when considering this topic to distinguish between two different types of sex partners: the lover and the fuck buddy.‚  With a fuck buddy, you want to keep the relationship completely physical with clearly defined boundaries.‚  You do this by communicating with the person and explaining exactly how you feel and what you want.‚  It is important to be very honest with the person and not lead them to expect anything more.

For the lover, a different approach is required.‚  If you sleep with someone that you want to date too soon, it can leave that person with a bad taste in their mouth.‚  Society has ingrained certain the belief in people that if you have sex to soon with someone you are somehow worth less.‚  I do not subscribe to this belief, but enough people do that it can lead to doubts on the part of you partner.‚  They worry that you are only after sex and feel devalued by your rapid hurdling of their loosely held morals.‚  For this reason, I am changing my approach to potential lovers now.‚  I am going to wait for awhile and let tension & passion build up.‚  I have seen other people do this and it leads to powerful emotional responses from both parties.

For now my new goal is going to be to wait as long as I can before sleeping with a new lover.‚  Maybe I’ll make it to the second date.. j/k.