First Flag Football Game of the Season

Tonight was our first flag football game of the season.‚  I am still playing in the Underdog Sports League at Memorial Stadium with the Screamin’ Eagles.‚  The night was a chilly 45 degrees and the sun had just set as our game started at 7 pm.‚  The team we played against was pretty easy, but our quarterback is still not playing that well.‚ … read more “First Flag Football Game of the Season”

Mark & Keri Come For Lunch

My high school friend Mark and his wife Keri came up for a late lunch at my place today.‚  We had pugliese bread with Cambalooza triple brie cheese and olive bruschetta for our appetizer and grilled blue marlin with red peppers for the main course and roasted asparagus spears as a side.‚  The Rody’s brought white chocolate fudge and peanut brittle for dessert.‚ … read more “Mark & Keri Come For Lunch”

Kirkland Nightclubs

Nick, Andrew, Kenny, Stewie, Bryan and I went out to Kirkland last night.‚  I may be moving into that area soon so I wanted to check out the nightlife and see if it’s any good.‚  We went to the Wilde Rover, Sharks and another club I can’t remember the name of.‚  The girls were hot, but there was also plentiful dudes and cougs.‚ … read more “Kirkland Nightclubs”

Eggs & Kimchi

I tried making eggs with kimchi this morning and had a bit of a failure… I put the kimchi in the eggs too early and ended up cooking it a bit so it doesn’t taste as good.‚  And I made an 18 egg omellette.‚  Ugh.

Conficker: Monster Computer Worm About To Go Live

On April 1, 2009, the world’s largest computer worm will go online creating potentially the most powerful parallel computer in history, harnessing the power of 12 million or more computers captured.‚  Previous computer hackers have used their enormously powerful bot networks to do such inane things as try to hack captcha’s or send spam.‚  Hopefully the hacker who created Conficker has no higher ambitions.‚ … read more “Conficker: Monster Computer Worm About To Go Live”

Sexual Harassment of Men?

Strange occurrence happened to me today at work.

I was walking into my office and older female coworker was looking at my stomach and stopped in front of me blocking my way.‚  I pulled up to a halt and she poked me in the stomach and said, “Hard body” and went on her way.‚  A little weird, but I wasn’t worried about it and actually found it a little complimentary.… read more “Sexual Harassment of Men?”


My company is moving to Factoria and I am debating what to do.‚  My options are to commute across the I-90 bridge, move to Factoria, find a new job or start my own biz.‚  Leaning towards simply moving over there right now.‚  I am going to go view places on Saturday.

How Long To Wait Till Having Sex?

How long should you wait till you sleep with your new beau? Over the last couple of months, I have been rethinking my policy on when I sleep with new women I like.‚  Formerly I believed that the sooner you slept with your partner, the better, but I have developed serious doubts about that philosophy.‚  I have begun to think that sleeping with someone too soon leads to that person feeling not as valuable and just thinking you are out for sex.‚ … read more “How Long To Wait Till Having Sex?”