Willows, CA

Taking a rest stop in Willows, CA right now. Food options are McD’s, Diarrhea Bell, and Dennys. I chose McDonalds; haven’t eaten at on in several years. Food is the same as when I stopped; greasy & ok tasting. Planning on finding a dark spot to park my car and nap for an hour before hitting the road again.

Climb Mt. Shasta?

I spotted Mt. Shasta today and was really tempted to stop my trip and climb it. Decided it is a better idea to wait for next season and do it with a friend. It is 300 feet shorter than Rainier and much safer, though there is crevasses and rockfall danger.

Medford, OR Pitstop

450 miles into my trip, I am taking my first rest stop. Got gas (stupid OR rules require an attendant to fill your tank), about to eat at a shady Thai/Chinese restaurant, and then do stretches and maybe cat nap before I knock out another 450 miles. Debating trying to push all the way through to LA today.

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Read Siddhartha in a single sitting this morning while I waited for Tara to get home from work. Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse, is one of the best books I’ve read and I strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it yet. It’s about the life journey of a wise man… Almost like a parable, but far more vivid.

City of LA

Spotted this on trents blog:

No matter what you do in L.A., your behavior is appropriate for the city. Los Angeles has no assumed correct mode of use. You can have fake breasts and drive a Ford Mustang – or you can grow a beard, weigh 300 pounds, and read Christian science fiction novels. Either way, you’re fine: that’s just how it works. You can watch Cops all day or you can be a porn star or you can be a Caltech physicist. You can listen to Carcass – or you can listen to Pat Robertson. Or both.
That’s how we dooz it.
L.A. is the apocalypse: it’s you and a bunch of parking lots. No one’s going to save you; no one’s looking out for you. It’s the only city I know where that’s the explicit premise of living there – that’s the deal you make when you move to L.A.
The city, ironically, is emotionally authentic.
It says: no one loves you; you’re the least important person in the room; get over it.
What matters is what you do there.

Going Away Party

The going away party last night at Ozzies was a lot of fun. Lots of good friends showed up to drink beer with me. Nick and Shawn spent the night at my house with me so none of us had to drive. Thank you to everyone who made it!

Great great Auntie Em

I visited my great great auntie Em today. After seeing an old picture of my grandfather putting bunny ears on her, I thought it would be kind to visit Auntie Em in her assisted living home. I am happy that I did, she was really happy to see me. I hate that old people in our society are so segregated from the rest of people. It’s sad that we can’t take advantage of their perspectives and wisdom and that they age and die by themselves. I am a big fan of other cultures where everyone from babies to the elderly live in the same home.