Yahoo Merchant Store Search Engine Optimization Firm


Yahoo has come a long way in recent years. Though it’s no longer the world’s leading search engine, it remains a viable resource for Web search, email, news, and even business. In fact, Yahoo Merchant Solutions is quickly becoming one of the leading shopping cart platforms for small and large businesses looking to streamline their daily operations.… read more “Yahoo Merchant Store Search Engine Optimization Firm”

Volusion Search Engine Optimization Agency

volusionSo you want to take your business online, or perhaps you want to start an online business from scratch. That’s great…so now what? You’re going to need your own domain, a fancy website, and a content management system to handle all of those orders for you. You’ll need to accept credit cards (most online shoppers aren’t going to appreciate a “money orders only” policy), and you’ll need a way to keep track of all the shipping information and sales trends.… read more “Volusion Search Engine Optimization Agency”

Shopify Search Engine Optimization Firm


ecomerceShopify is one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms, renowned for its simplicity, versatility and competitive pricing structure. If you’re reading this article, you probably already have some experience with Shopify. Perhaps you’re using it to manage your online business right now, but you have realized that something is missing. You have mastered all of the key features, and you’re navigating the content management system like a pro, but you’re still not reaching your revenue goals.… read more “Shopify Search Engine Optimization Firm”

Zencart Search Engine Optimization Company


Zen Cart may not contain all of the whistles and bells that you’ll find with other eCommerce platforms, but it does have one very appealing thing going for it: it’s completely free. And for a free program, it’s quite impressive in its functionality, even giving some of the bigger platforms like Magento and Volusion a run for their money.… read more “Zencart Search Engine Optimization Company”

SEO Conference Speaker in Los Angeles | Events You Don’t Want to Miss


As the founder of Coalition Technologies, one of the top-ranked SEO firms in Los Angeles, I am passionate about search engine optimization. Back when Google was merely a distant pipe dream, and web surfers were forced to navigate the inefficiencies of the early Yahoo!, WebCrawler and (god forbid) America Online, I was testing and exploring the absurd algorithms used to rank websites for any given search query.… read more “SEO Conference Speaker in Los Angeles | Events You Don’t Want to Miss”

If I Won The Lottery

If I won a $500 million lottery what would I change about my life?

Would I go out and buy a fancy car, a fancy house, stop working and start partying?

I don’t think so.

Most people dread work every day, and I occasionally feel the same way. Usually though I am happy to go in to work and really enjoy what I do.… read more “If I Won The Lottery”