If I Won The Lottery

If I won a $500 million lottery what would I change about my life?

Would I go out and buy a fancy car, a fancy house, stop working and start partying?

I don’t think so.

Most people dread work every day, and I occasionally feel the same way. Usually though I am happy to go in to work and really enjoy what I do. My work is really challenging and there is a lot of variety. Some of that variety is fun and some of it is frustrating, but I am always doing work that I believe is important. I don’t think every client we take on here at Coalition will necessarily change the world or even be pleasant to work with, but I think that I am unable to tell which clients will turn out to be a big deal and which ones won’t. I have seen a few clients go on to be highly successful and that is gratifying.

For the last four years, I have been averaging 11 hour work days each weekday and 3-6 hours each day on the weekends (not including time spent on my phone answering emails or calls during off hours). These have been very happy years for me and I have seen huge positive improvements in my personal life. I am far healthier; I drink less, workout more, eat healthier, sleep better, and have better hobbies than I ever have before.

I am very happy with my life and what I am doing.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.