While perusing the internets, I ran across the following blogpost on about the TKE fraternity at the University of Washington. Being a UW fraternity alumnus myself, this posting made me laugh a little… Check it out below.

The TKE’s are actually a pretty good group of guys, I don’t know who this Nik guy is or why he decided to bash the TKE’s at UW.… read more “TKE at UW”

Learn SQL Videos

I found the following video series on learning how to use SQL and have watched 9 of the 13 videos. The video series on SQL is inordinately helpful and really has taken me from knowing nothing about databases to being a solid beginner quickly. If you are interested in building your own web applications or doing anything else more in depth with computers, a knowledge of databases is a must.… read more “Learn SQL Videos”

“Associate Vice-President of Business Development”

… also known as “Salesman”.

My company now has decided to give all of it’s sales people the title of “Associate Vice-President of Business Development” apparently in an attempt to make them sound more important when they try to sell our products. I guess it makes sense since we are selling to high level customers, but still it is a little bit ridiculous.

New Favicon For Google

I just visited Google and noticed that something didn’t look quite right… then I looked up at the Favicon (the little icon next the page title on the top bar) and discovered it was different!

Here is Google’s new favicon:

Google New Favicon

The Favicon is that little icon to the right of

I don’t remember what their old favicon was.… read more “New Favicon For Google”

World’s First Billion Dollar Home Owner- Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal, the fifth wealthiest man on earth and founder of petrochemical titan Reliance Industries, is building a new home for his wife… a home worth nearly two billion dollars! Lakshmi Mittal is building the 27 story skyscraper because his beautiful wife Nita Ambani requested it. The billion dollar home will be over 500 feet high and will contain 400,000 square feet of interior space.… read more “World’s First Billion Dollar Home Owner- Lakshmi Mittal”