Firefox: No Sound in Videos, Videos Stop Playing After A Few Seconds

A significant issue has arisen with Flashplayer (video player for, and many others) in Firefox… many videos that I have tried playing at home and at work recently have not worked. The whole video loads and I can move the cursor to any point in the video, but the video has no sound and quits playing after only a few seconds.… read more “Firefox: No Sound in Videos, Videos Stop Playing After A Few Seconds”

How the Government Gives Rebate Checks

You think that rebate check is free money, right? Wrong.

The government takes money from the public with one hand (the IRS) and gives it back with the other (Congress)… unfortunately it also takes a healthy cut of that money in the process.
Don’t spend all your own money in one place.

Funny Illegal Immigrants Border Patrol Video

Funny video of Border Patrol agents getting confused by a car load of illegal immigrants trying to make it into the United States. Reminds me of The Three Stooges.

I love the way our politicians think… “Gee, our Border Patrol agents are incompetent, so what can we do… hmmm… I know! Let’s erect a really tall fence across the ENTIRE border with Mexico!”… read more “Funny Illegal Immigrants Border Patrol Video”

Funny Asian Upskirt Picture

No, you perverts, this is not what you think it is… it’s a picture of a bunch of OTHER asian guys taking upskirt pictures of this asian woman.

Look at these asian guy’s upskirt photo taking TECHNIQUE, it is amazing. These upskirt photo takers are at the top of their game. Note that all of them have followed the important upskirt asian picture taking rules:

-Remove the lens cap.… read more “Funny Asian Upskirt Picture”