The purpose of life

So many people waste endless time listening to the bullshit advice “find yourself and your meaning!” taught by modern US society. The rest of living creatures from our time and all living things from the last billion years knew exactly what the meaning of life was: Survive and Reproduce. As soon as you have children of your own, you will start to see this too (but you have to avoid poisons like drugs and alcohol and even maybe caffeine to see it).read more “The purpose of life”

Military power and trust are the fundamental basis of political power

In ancient days, if someone had a sword and knew how to use it, and you did not, you often would either be robbed by the swordsman or become his serf. In modern days, you are subject to obey whoever has the most military force in your area. In some regions of the world, this is a warlord or a drug dealer, but in most areas it is a dictator.… read more “Military power and trust are the fundamental basis of political power”

Possible eBay Scam? I am out $277

I bought a “Dr.ZX Hitachi Excavator Diagnostic Tool Dr. Zaxis palm version” from a top rated eBay seller sjsino99.

The seller reported the item as delivered, but I never received it. The seller used Speedpak to send the item, Speedpak then sent it via USPS. eBay shows my correct residential address, however the item was delivered to a PO Box.… read more “Possible eBay Scam? I am out $277”