Possible eBay Scam? I am out $277

I bought a “Dr.ZX Hitachi Excavator Diagnostic Tool Dr. Zaxis palm version” from a top rated eBay seller sjsino99.

The seller reported the item as delivered, but I never received it. The seller used Speedpak to send the item, Speedpak then sent it via USPS. eBay shows my correct residential address, however the item was delivered to a PO Box. I asked my town’s postmaster about this item’s delivery and he said that not only did the item only weigh 1 oz (the item itself should be heavier), but that it was addressed to a PO box the whole time.

I contacted eBay and they refuse to provide any support as the Speedpak tracking link shows the item as successfully delivered. I provided them with images showing my address as the correct shipping address on ebay and comparing that to the USPS link, but they closed the case in just a few seconds anyways.

I tried to leave negative feedback for this seller, but the feedback was removed, leaving unsuspecting buyers to think this seller is a good one like I did.

I think the seller scammed me by sending an empty package to an incorrect address via speedpak and getting a tracking link saying it was successfully delivered. What do you think? Have you experienced anything like this?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.