Ivan the Terrible: Not A Nice Guy

Living up to his name, Ivan the Terrible was not a really fun guy to know.‚  In 1555, after the completion of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, he ordered that the architects be blinded so they could never design a prettier building.‚  That act was probably one of the nicest things that he ever did.‚  An enemy of Ivan the Terrible according to one chronicler was “was drawn upon a long sharp-made stake, which entered the lower part of his body and came out of his neck; upon which he languished a horrible pain for 15 hours alive, and spoke to his mother, brought to behold that woeful sight.read more “Ivan the Terrible: Not A Nice Guy”

Don Carlos, Imbalanced Heir to Spanish Throne Dies: 1568 AD

Don Carlos died in 1568.‚  Who was this fellow?‚  He was heir to the Spanish throne and apparently was severely mentally challenged due to massive inbreeding in the Habsburg dynasty.‚  He had only 4 great- grandparents (most people have 8), only 6 great-great-grandparents (most people have 16).‚  Two of his great-grandmothers were sisters.‚  Sounds like some folks I know down in the American South…

1582: Dr. John Dee Receives Books Dictated By Angels

Dr. John Dee, a mathematician, astrologer & philosopher hired a man named Edward Kelley to help be an intermediary between himself and angels.‚  Through their contact with angels, several books were dictated and written down by Dee that were intended for the service of humanity.‚  The two men toured Europe with their newfound books and ideas for several years until an angel told Edward Kelley that they should share their wives.‚ … read more “1582: Dr. John Dee Receives Books Dictated By Angels”

The REAL Reason TShirtHell.com Shuts Down

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch posted yesterday that Tshirthell.com is claiming that it is shutting its doors due to receiving too much annoying hate mail.‚  I actually recently joined the Tshirthell.com affiliate program and put some links on my site, so I am rather interested in this news.‚  I seriously doubt that Tshirthell.com found Sunshine Megatron (the businessman formerly known as Aaron Landau Schwarz) is quitting because he pissed a couple of morons off.‚ … read more “The REAL Reason TShirtHell.com Shuts Down”