The REAL Reason Shuts Down

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch posted yesterday that is claiming that it is shutting its doors due to receiving too much annoying hate mail.‚  I actually recently joined the affiliate program and put some links on my site, so I am rather interested in this news.‚  I seriously doubt that found Sunshine Megatron (the businessman formerly known as Aaron Landau Schwarz) is quitting because he pissed a couple of morons off.‚ … read more “The REAL Reason Shuts Down”

John Thain Should Be Personally Liable For Merrill Lynch’s Losses

Merrill Lynch was recently purchased by Bank of America.‚  Merrill Lynch had been hiding tens of billions of dollars in losses and now that Bank of America is responsible for those losses, BoA needs many, many billions of dollars from you (taxpayers) wallet.‚  Bank of America has now essentially been nationalized due to the scale of money the U.S.… read more “John Thain Should Be Personally Liable For Merrill Lynch’s Losses”

Micah Grimes – Great Basketball Coach

A day ago, I wrote an article about a girls basketball team that was strongly criticized for beating another high school basketball team 100-0.‚  Today, I read an article that gave me back some hope for people in America.‚  Micah Grimes, the winning girls basketball coach, wrote a letter to a newspaper refusing to apologize for his players’ stellar performance.‚ … read more “Micah Grimes – Great Basketball Coach”

“Witches not Crazy, Witches are EVIL!” – King James 1

Our good religious King James I of England declared that contrary to Reginald Scot’s heretical book “The Discovery of Witchcraft”, witches were not mentally ill individuals, instead they were evil.‚  Reginald Scot had claimed that the belief in witchcraft is “contrary to reason, scripture and nature” and that only “young ignorance and old custom” actually believed in it.‚ … read more ““Witches not Crazy, Witches are EVIL!” – King James 1”

Basketball Team Criticized for Winning

Our educational system continues to try to corrupt our youth and tell them that winning is really losing and that feelings are more important than objective utility.‚  I spotted an article on Yahoo Sports that reported high school administrators at The Covenant School in Texas are criticizing their own coach and team publicly for winning a basketball game 100-0.‚ … read more “Basketball Team Criticized for Winning”

Religous Cults of Personality

Another bit taken from my email conversation with my friend Mark, here we are discussing cults of personality in religion and Mark’s Christian perspective on such things.

Joel: Mark Driscoll may be building a cult of personality that is much like Joel Osteen or Kevin Gerald, but targets a different type of person.‚  What do you think about cult’s of personality in religion?‚ … read more “Religous Cults of Personality”