Joel’s Business Philosophy

My philosophy on business is that each company needs to take care of its stakeholders. Stakeholders include team members, customers, shareholders, and the world at large. A business must profitable and be very careful about debt and cash flow issues or it will not be able to take care of stakeholders.

The four levels of employee productivity – try to reach level 4.

Systematization of business processes is required for any business to scale. Internal tool building adds efficiency and makes for great improvements.

Motivation is key to monitor, maintain, and grow for team members.

I have written previously on basic business advice.

How to tackle hard tasks.

A CEO who can program has superpowers over those who don’t.

Recruiting is an absolutely critical component of business and the top managers need to understand it thoroughly. And no, you are not a good judge of people. Here is my general philosophy on recruiting – find the best person for the job regardless of if they went to college or where, their prior work experience or lack thereof, or any other factor that is not how well they can do the actual job.

I am happy my business Coalition has helped bring people together.

I strongly believe in freedom, capitalism, and entrepreneurs; but I also strongly believe reform of our current system is needed.

Some of my reflections on the differences between owner and manager mindsets.

I think I could provide a lot of value by being an Independent Director who sits on a board of directors for a public company.

Be willing to try lots of business ideas, some have unexpectedly been profitable.

Marketing is a force multiplier.

I love Dale Carnegie’s advice for handling people.

How to prevent burn out when working 7 days a week.

I think CEO pay packages today are simply theft from shareholders.

Old processes need periodic updating.

My investment principles.

How I built and sold a dropship business for $16,100.

I am opposed to patents, but that is more of a political issue. Patents directly caused the deaths of untold numbers of people when the Covid-19 coronavirus erupted, and have caused the deaths of millions of others in quieter situations. Same thing with copyright law. I think we could have limited patents (either they only last 7 years or abusive patents open the company who obtained it to damages lawsuits). Limited copyright would also be good (perhaps 10 years). After that, anyone can republish something as long as they link to / cite the original source. Both of these reforms would greatly encourage competition which would bring lower prices and better technologies faster.

Another issue that is a bit more politics than business is that I believe wealth should be taxed, not income.

Companies behaving badly need harsh organizational punishments in order to shift their incentives.

Business mergers should not happen nearly as frequently as they do. A lot of private equity in my opinion is destructive rather than constructive.

An interesting business measure I invented is Cost Per Unit of Productivity.

A historical business idea I had was that capitalism and oil may have actually ended slavery. Oil is a huge concern for the environment though.

Negative and positive reviews of my performance as CEO.

Managers, Directors, and Shareholders should be personally liable for company-scale fraud. Get rid of the LLC.

Why I think a cofounder could have sunk my business (although Jordan was pretty darn close to a cofounder).

Licensing boards should be shut down.

Avoid shady businesses. Also, here’s how to beat an East Texas patent troll.

Understanding business owners as clients.


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