New Laravel Project From Existing Files for Laravel on Existing Homestead

I already set up one project on Homestead using Laravel and have been working on it. Now I want to set up a second project also on Homestead and using Laravel, but want a separate setup. I already updated my Homestead.Yaml and did vagrant provision –reload:

Now just set up with local server on local root (default option when setting up project from existing files).… read more “New Laravel Project From Existing Files for Laravel on Existing Homestead”

Russia Winning Second Cold War

Russia lost the first cold war with the West mostly due to the fact socialism just does not work. It now has a dictator (dictatorships unfortunately do work, but they generate far less GDP than democracy and capitalism). That dictator has led a brilliant campaign to weaken the rest of the world to his country’s level to increase his power.… read more “Russia Winning Second Cold War”

Mark Sanford – a Good Boomer on Our Debt

Finally, our growing debt makes the American dream more elusive, and in doing so weakens us all. A trillion-dollar deficit is nothing more than a deferred tax bill for $1 trillion. For a country that was in part founded on the notion of no taxation without representation, how does this pilfering of future generations’ wealth possibly make sense?… read more “Mark Sanford – a Good Boomer on Our Debt”

Spinner Bike Chrono with Zwift

I have been getting some of the best workouts of my life with the spinner bike Chrono combined with Zwift. I think Zwift is intended to be used with a smart trainer or an actual bike on rollers… The community seems to be a lot of genuine bike racers. I think there are fair amount of people using stationary bikes though as well.… read more “Spinner Bike Chrono with Zwift”

Programmer Terror

is that feeling you get when you realize you fired off a process that doesn’t stop when you close the browser, doesn’t stop when you restart the IDE, and you have to shut down the machine itself.

PHPStorm Laravel Not Finding Alias Class for Laravel Goutte

I installed this package and followed the readme instructions. However, when I put this in my HomeController:

$crawler = Goutte::request('GET', '');
$crawler->filter('.result__title .result__a')->each(function ($node) {
return view('welcome');

I got an error “Undefined class Goutte”. When I mouseover Goutte in phpstorm, it only gives me the option to create a new class, not import a facade.… read more “PHPStorm Laravel Not Finding Alias Class for Laravel Goutte”