Spinner Bike Chrono with Zwift

I have been getting some of the best workouts of my life with the spinner bike Chrono combined with Zwift. I think Zwift is intended to be used with a smart trainer or an actual bike on rollers… The community seems to be a lot of genuine bike racers. I think there are fair amount of people using stationary bikes though as well. I got a spinner bike Chrono recently and have been using it with Zwift. The only downside to a spinner bike chrono with Zwift is that although your power and speed data and wattage is transmitted TO Zwift, Zwift cannot automatically change your difficulty settings as you go up and down hills. You have to change your own difficulty if you want that to change. Although it is kind of cool to be able to crank it 350 watts when you’re going downhill lol.

Zwift Is the best and most motivating workouts I’ve ever done in my life and I’ve done just about everything. Never before have I been excited to keep my heart right up around 150 160 170 for an hour plus. I am getting in great shape.

Cycling is the best thing for hip osteoarthritis exercise wise so I am happy with my new sport.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.