Debates with Grandpa

Debating with Grandpa is one of our primary activities whenever we get together. These debates usually end up with Grandpa telling me that you can’t trust anything you find online or elsewhere unless it agrees with his already existing beliefs. Not sure how you can ever change your mind if you don’t believe anything that doesn’t agree with your already existing beliefs!

Hiring a new service

Whenever I hire a new service, whether it be a doctor or lawyer or plumber, I always do thorough research on the service offerings, the pricing, and the reviews of the organization at hand. I usually like to set up a spreadsheet and enter all the important information in for comparison sake to help me find the best.

Invention Assignment

I had an interesting conversation with an employee today about invention assignment. Invention assignment is a standard employment contract clause for most companies that do work on the web as all of the work product created is intellectual property and the client usually wants to own it free and clear when we are done. Most larger companies have this contract clause anyways even if they don’t do stuff like we do.… read more “Invention Assignment”

Family Time

I have been trying to make more time for family lately, so I was very happy to spend the weekend with Laurel, Kevin, Aunt Anne, Uncle Jim, and Jimmy in Palm Springs this weekend. I still did an hour or two of work a day, but it was good to have good quality family time.