Growing the Business

I just made the decision to send out quite a few job offers. We have had a lot of great applicants recently and I am hoping Coalition continues to grow strongly in the first quarter. We will definitely have a very robust team to service all of our clients! I am anticipating growing my team 20% in the next couple of months.

AI Has Passed A Mouse

Artificial intelligence has now passed the level of a one year old human or a mouse. Given the rapidly increasing speed of advances, I think we can count on one hand the years till it passes human level intelligence.


Having employees can bring some unique HR issues. Some of the more interesting ones I have had are:

  • The guy who went and drank three¬†alcoholic drinks at lunch and came back to work crying (this was four years ago)
  • The remote employee who watched a movie while he was supposedly working (also four years ago)
  • The guy who never wore the same clothes twice (I guess he just returned it after one wearing?)
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Basecamp API Guzzle 6 Json Create Todo Request

public function createBasecampTodo($bucketId, $bcTodoListId, $todoData, $userAgentEmail)
    $options = [];
    $options['json'] = $todoData;

    $this->uri = '' . $bucketId . '/todolists/' . $bcTodoListId . '/todos.json';

    $this->_client = new Client([
        'base_uri' => $this->baseUri

    $options['headers'] = [
        'User-Agent' => $userAgentEmail,
        "Authorization" => "Bearer " . $this->getAccessToken(),

    try {
        $this->response = $this->_client->post(

    } catch (ClientException $e) {

Shut Down The F-35 Program

The F-35 Program is a giant big-dig type project where billions of dollars are being spent to fight wars from decades ago. The next war will be fought with drones, not piloted aircraft. The current wars we are fighting are already primarily fought with these drones. Our next enemy will launch 100,000 drone aircraft to attack, not 300 or so piloted airplanes.… read more “Shut Down The F-35 Program”