Unpopular opinion – Reopen Everything

Reopen everything. I know virus cases are going up significantly again, but give people the freedom to decide for themselves whether to go out. Those who are in the high-risk populations know who they are, and should stay home. We should even extend benefits to people to feel they are at risk and do not want to go to work.… read more “Unpopular opinion – Reopen Everything”

Google Fi or Google Pixel 2 Refurb Possible Security Vulnerability

I have generally liked Google Fi until now, but their support has to be the worst I have seen. They ONLY provide chat support, no phone support. Their chat support people have no access to your account to actually figure things out. They have no procedures for escalating security issues. You can read my conversation below, it’s painful.
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Police Departments or Unions?

There are many protests in the United States right now due to the police killing George Floyd during an arrest. Many of these protesters are rightfully angry at police for racism and too much violence. However, protestors proposal to defund police is not the right course. What needs to happen instead is that police unions need to lose their certification and rights to negotiation.… read more “Police Departments or Unions?”