Investing in Stocks vs Index Funds

My younger brother Josh and I had an interesting conversation about what the best forms of investment are and how he should use his time. This is what I had to share:

I have studied finance and stock with great intensity since I was 12, majored in finance in college, worked at Merrill Lynch (financial institution), and have invested my own money very successfully since graduation…..… read more “Investing in Stocks vs Index Funds”

Creating Your New Small Business Idea: Business Cheat Sheets

New Business IdeasCreating your new business ideas cheat sheet PDF can be downloaded here.

The most fun part of being an entrepreneur is coming up with your business idea. This is a phase that involves creativity and requires almost no execution. Many entrepreneurs are pretty good at the idea phase and have dozens of viable business ideas, so the key here is how you approach your process of narrowing down from all the different possibilities to one narrowly focused business idea that you can believe in and be passionate about.… read more “Creating Your New Small Business Idea: Business Cheat Sheets”

How To Manage Interns: Business Cheat Sheets

Before you’ve actually had interns working for you, managing them seems like it would be a piece of cake. Those of us who have had experience managing interns realize that getting productive work out of them without putting too much time into monitoring them while also helping them learn something is actually somewhat challenging.

The purpose of an intern is to give another person an opportunity to learn more about a field through practical experience.… read more “How To Manage Interns: Business Cheat Sheets”