Black Monday, 2008: 777 Point Drop In Markets Today… Worse Will Come

Welcome to Black Monday, 2008.

Today the Dow dropped 7% and the S&P 500 dropped 9%.‚  Those are the biggest drops in the market in almost two decades since the last Black Monday, 1987.‚  On that day in 1987 the Down dropped 20%, but fewer total points than it dropped today.

Want the really bad news?… read more “Black Monday, 2008: 777 Point Drop In Markets Today… Worse Will Come”

Jon Stewart Rips Hypocrites

Watch the hilariously funny video of Jon Stewart ripping on a bunch of hypocritical idiots who contradict themselves in multiple places on television talk shows. Great stuff.

Sarah Palin and John McCain’s advisors are the primary targets of Jon Stewart’s cutting wit. I’d like to see him go after some of Barack Obama’s people sometime too, but i’ll take what I can get.… read more “Jon Stewart Rips Hypocrites”

ESPN’s Jemele Hill Writes Racist Article

If you want to read the actual story or see Jemele Hill’s other articles, I will post the links in the comments section below.

Jemele Hill, of, wrote a very blatantly racist article recently entitled “Whatever Happened to the White Tailback?” in which she questions why for the last twenty years, most running backs have been black.‚  Hill discusses several possible reasons, including “position profiling”, but eventually seems to settle on Jon Entine’s racial studies.‚  Entine puts forth a theory that “there are real differences in the gene frequencies in the east and west African population, which is quite different from populations around the world.”‚  The idea he believes is that because east and west Africans live in certain geographical regions, they have developed special “athletic” genes that make them naturally superior to white people in sports.‚  Hmmm… where have we heard similar theories before?‚  Ah yes, Sir Francis Galton believed the same basic things and used his own supposedly scientific studies to show that other races were mentally inferior to whites.‚  Why do people keep trying to use genetics to differentiate between races?‚  Didn’t we learn our lesson the last few times this happened?‚  Has everyone forgotten about eugenics, white supremacists, and the Nazi’s extermination of the Jews?‚  Jemele Hill needs to take a serious look at history and reconsider proposing such ridiculous theories that only lead to pain.‚  Once people start thinking physical abilities are attributable to race, it’s a very small step to start linking mental abilities to race- and this is the pseudo-scientific theory that was the backbone of slavery in America.… read more “ESPN’s Jemele Hill Writes Racist Article”

What Caused The Financial Collapse?

People have been trying to figure out what led to the recent financial collapse and have come up with a variety of reasons:‚  some say it is due to Americans taking too much risk, or deregulation, or Wall Street’s greed, or the Bush Administration and so on.‚  Most of these people are wrong.

What caused the financial collapse was a combination of a lack of shareholders power due to corrupt boards of directors, partial deregulation, reregulation, “moral hazard” and lazy people.‚  These factors all stem from the government intervening directly into the formerlyy free marketplace.… read more “What Caused The Financial Collapse?”

Seattle Improv Comedy Show

Plato and I went and watched our friend Scott Baxter perform with the Jety City Improv troupe last night.‚  Scott was kind enough to get us on the list for both the 1030 and the 1230 showings.‚  I really enjoyed both shows and had a lot of laughs.‚  If you want to have a good time (and super cheap drinks at the bar!) go to one of the Jet City Improv shows.‚  The theatre is located on about 55th & the Ave in a big yellow building.‚  Tickets are $10/ person general admission and $8/person for students.‚  You can usually see Scottie B in the Saturday night shows.