Tractor & Diesel Digital Speedometer Gauge

The Tractor and Diesel Digital Speedometer Gauge is a important asset to monitor the current speed of a moving vehicle. With this device driving a tractor or diesel vehicle will be much more precise and effective to plan out about the distance, and speed to your vehicle’s location. Plus, this tool can prevent you from getting a speeding ticket.… read more “Tractor & Diesel Digital Speedometer Gauge”

Tasty Buffalo Wings Recipe

I made a very tasty batch of buffalo wings September 24 for the first time, using a recipe I created by taking a few ideas from different sources and forging them together into the ultimate buffalo wings recipe. Want to know how to make great buffalo wings? Follow my buffalo wings recipe below:

Ingredients for buffalo wings recipe:
Adjust ingredients level proportionally according to how many buffalo wings you want
-Deep fry oil (refined vegetable oil)
-10 lbs of chicken wings
-5 lbs of chicken tenders
-2 12 oz bottles of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
-8 sticks of unsalted butter
-Cayenne pepper
-Chili powder
-Garlic powder

Directions to make tasty buffalo wings recipe:

-Place a deep frying pot on your stovetop and heat to 365 degrees.… read more “Tasty Buffalo Wings Recipe”

Washington Mutual Seized

The federal government has seized Washington Mutual and sold it to JP Morgan.‚  Shareholders and bondholders will get nothing.‚  I agree with the federal government’s action here because it is not sticking the taxpayer with the bill.‚  Essentially, Washington Mutual was bankrupt and about to become a liability on the FDIC (which after IndyMac didn’t have the cash to pay depositors), so the federal regulators took it over Thursday night.‚ … read more “Washington Mutual Seized”

Citrus Risotto and Veal with Blueberry Sauce

Plato cooked a meal of caprese salad, risotto and veal with blueberry sauce for our usual dinner group on Tuesday September 16, 2008.

Caprese- just tomatoes mozzarella olive oil and salt and basil.

Platos excellent caprese recipe
Plato's excellent caprese recipe

Risotto excellent citrusy flavors.

Plato, ian, diana, ben and alissa were all in attendance

I also reviewed the wines that we tasted that night… I basically just compared them against each other.‚  Click read more if you are interested to see what I thought of them.‚  Might be boring though.

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Best Cheap Beer- Rainier Beer

Last night, my friends and I had the cheap beer taste testing night. I selected Rainier beer to be my favorite cheap beer out of Bud, Bud Lite, Miller, Miller Lite, Coors Lite and another one. Unfortunately, I lost the six-pack of PBR I had purchased, so that was not included in my analysis. I will probably have to do another taste test comparing PBR to Rainier and Olympia Beer.