Business schools

The best business books ever written were written by the best business men to ever live. Sam Walton, Henry Ford, and to a lesser extent, Charles Koch and Larry Ellison, wrote very readable books on how they did it with gems of wisdom on every page.

I went to business school and did not get assigned one business autobiography in my whole four year education.… read more “Business schools”

My recruiting philosophy

I wrote this in an email today to my recruiting team, but I think it is important to share here too. Hopefully other companies will learn from it.

We strongly believe in our skills test based recruiting and hiring methods… it is the fairest possible system where we hire the best candidate available to us regardless of whether or not they could afford to go to college, or which college they could attend, or their previous work experience (or lack thereof in some cases), their location in the world, or any other factor that is not directly related to who will do the best work for us day to day.… read more “My recruiting philosophy”