How not to win wars

America spent over $2 trillion dollars and killed over a quarter million people fighting the war in Afghanistan. Now that we are leaving, we have already lost 26 bases and outpost to our original enemy, the Taliban. The people who trusted us and worked with us are being murdered. The Afghani women who took our word that they would have the rights of women in modern society, are being raped and tortured and killed.… read more “How not to win wars”


This a story of a white scumbag claiming to be native American. This woman should never be allowed to hold a position of trust again. But we as Americans need to stop racist policies that give certain races or people advantages just because of their birth… Whether they are white or Indian or anything else.

Sports Vs Jobs for Kids

I remember as a kid spending endless hours practicing shooting a basketball into a hoop. The adults in my life placed a high importance on this skill, and ignored practical skills like building a fence  or providing customer service for the most part. I did not enjoy throwing a ball in a basket, but I trusted the adults around to me to direct my learning in the right direction.… read more “Sports Vs Jobs for Kids”