Artificial Intelligence Takeover Might Be a Good Thing

Most people believe that a scenario in which a new dominant species arose and possibly wiped out humanity to be a terrible thing. This is natural as we instinctually fight as hard as we can for our survival.

For the last few millions of years though our ancestors have evolved from one species to the next, each new version better fitted for survival and more competent.… read more “Artificial Intelligence Takeover Might Be a Good Thing”

Project Euler is a really fun way to improve on your coding skills. I have worked through the first eight problems and am looking forward to working through the other 550. My programs are definitely not the most efficient solutions though, often taking quite a bit longer than the recommended one minute to solve.

Happy life

My advice for a happy life based on what works for me / research in general:
  1. Eat healthy every day
  2. Exercise every day
  3. Find a live in significant other
  4. Talk to a friend or family member daily
  5. Caffeine and alcohol are high interest short term loans, generally better to avoid
  6. Move on
  7. Build things you are passionate about
  8. Listen to other people
  9. Read good books

Buy Learning Management System Software

If you are looking to buy learning management system software you should try I built this system last year for Coalition Technologies and last month I made it accessible for consumer use. We’ve worked hard to make sure it is easier to use than any existing LMSs out there.

A big part of ease of use is how you navigate through a system.… read more “Buy Learning Management System Software”

Employee Productivity

I think there are 4 levels of productivity an employee can have:

  1. Doing work

  2. Doing work + reporting on the work (let Joel know)

  3. Doing work + reporting on the work + providing insights on the work (make recommendations)

  4. Doing work + reporting on the work + providing insights on the work + taking action to improve the work based on insights (make necessary changes to systems and report to Joel).

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