Why New Years Resolutions SUCK

Self-evaluate once a year?

Only come up with plans of action annually?

If you fail, wait till next year?

The concept of New Years resolutions sounds nice, but it is actually destructive to growing as a person. Here’s my advice for improving your life:

  • Constantly evaluate and re-evaluate yourself. What are you doing right? Wrong? Where can you improve? How can you be happier? How can you make others’ lives better?
  • Start to improve/fix things immediately. If you spot a problem with yourself (out of shape, smoker, lazy, boring), fix it immediately.  Putting it off to tomorrow means it will never happen.
  • Use metrics. Number of pullups.  Days gone without smoking.  Hours worked.

Forget New Years Resolutions, focus on improvement every single day.

Delegate Everything

Delegating is a superpower you don’t know you have.

When you delegate one task to a subordinate, the rest of your job becomes easier.  When you delegate all of the tasks that you can, it frees up much more time for you to be creative and to grow your business in new ways instead of just doing the same rote tasks over and over.

What can you delegate today?

Rolling to Vegas at 530 am

Driving to Las Vegas for New Years Eve right now at 530 am on New Years Eve day. Levi, Kenny, Jeremy, Levis little brother and I are all going this morning to avoid traffic later in the day.

Kennys so excited he wanted to leave last night even though we wouldve had nowhere to stay lol. I’m too tired to care at this point.

We are all five packed into levis small car. I have to keep my head tiled slightly sideways to fit… Sucks.

Stop Multitasking

Multitasking steals your focus and energy.  It makes you feel like you are getting more done, but in reality you are just making yourself busy.

For instance, try doing two simple things at once:

  1. Have a conversation about a new topic with a friend on the phone
  2. Do 100 simple addition/subtraction problems at the same time

I tested this out and found that not only did my friend think I was temporarily retarded, but I did poorly on the math problems.  When I separated each task out into its own right, I found I accomplished both tasks quickly and with a much higher rate of precision.