Resource Use

I go back and forth sometimes between two schools of thought on resource usage:

A) Conservation- resources are limited and must be saved (environmentalists, energy & water conservation, etc.)
B) Exploration & Development- the universe holds infinite resources and we should focus on finding new ways to exploit these rather than waste time on conservation.

Lately I have been leaning towards B.  Mankind should focus on moving off-planet as quickly as possible and develop better technologies for mining & harvesting & using resources on our own planet as well as other areas of our galaxy and even the universe itself.

Conservationists believe that resource usage is a zero sum game.  It is not.  Oil companies keep discovering vast new reserves as well as ways to get much more oil out of fields that were once thought tapped out.  Water is the most common element on our planet and if we can find better ways of purifying sea water, many serious issues facing the American Southwest and other areas of the world will disappear.  Even the push against air pollution should be more about harvesting the bad elements out of the air then not producing them in the first place.


Mount Si Take #6

Climbed Mount Si again today with Adam Leong. First time climbing it in the winter. Temperatures were well below freezing, especially close to the top. Probably about 15 degrees. I wore a shirt and two hoodies, jeans and a pair of shorts underneath, but I was still cold. The little birds up at the top were really hungry and a whole crew of them ate out of our hands. See pics below.

Cascade Christian Football in WA State Championship Game!

My high school football team, the Cascade Christian Cougars, are in the state championship game.–1a.htm

The game will be played at 1 pm at the Tacoma Dome on Saturday, December 5th.

The team’s head coach is now Randy Davis, who was the offensive coordinator my senior year.  I think we were 6-6 including a playoff loss that season, but I’m not sure since its been awhile.

The Cascade Christian football team this year is undefeated (13-0) and will play undefeated Connell (13-0) for the state championship.

Last year’s Cascade Christian team lost in the state championship game and the year before that they lost in the semi-finals game.  I’m amazed at the great job Randy Davis has done with this team.

New JoelX Site Features

I did some work and added some features to this site:

  • “Where’s Joel? page linked to at the top horizontal navigation bar.  This feature uses Google Latitude to display where I am physically located by tracking my iPhone’s GPS.
  • “Site Traffic” on the right hand side menu bar to the right of the “Topics” column.  This shows the how many unique visitors have come to my site in the last 30 days according to Google Analytics.  My site’s traffic is down to 60,000 from it’s high of 90,000 due to my neglect, but I should be able to boost that back up soon.
  • If you find my site via Google, you will be strongly encouraged to sign up for email updates (see button in top right).  Email updates give people a daily email with all my new posts, making it much easier to read my blog.  If you haven’t already signed up, do so at the top right.

Trent Misses Me

My LA roomie Trent misses me… he posted these two funny articles on his blog about it.  I especially like the video in the second one:

I miss you too sweetheart. 🙂

Also, below is Tara’s response:

I think i’ll have to send Trent some nude photos of you- it may just confirm his greatest fears, that you have indeed been kidnapped and raped.”