4 Random Bounce Rate Reduction Tips

1. Use your headline to repeat the searchers questions. For example, of the most trafficked keyword is “Workflow software”, then your headline could be “Workflow Software Reviews”. Then proceed to answer their question as directly as possible and follow it up with more information and questions to potential additional questions.
2. Along with your text content, have helpful images and videos to grab and hold your readers attention.… read more “4 Random Bounce Rate Reduction Tips”

Private Currency FAQs

What is private currency?

Private currency is money issued by non-governmental organizations (usually banks or companies) to be used as legal tender for all debts and exchanges. ┬áMost private currency’s are backed by gold or silver or some other commodity of material value.

What is government-issued currency?

Government issued currency is used by citizens of a state to pay taxes and complete transactions with other citizens.… read more “Private Currency FAQs”

4 Random Google Adwords Tips

1. Always use negative keywords! You will lose lots of money otherwise.
2. Carefully decide how to organize your account before setting it up. Campaigns & ad groups should be well planned.
3. Set a reminder for yourself to check at least weekly and recalibrate the account.
4. Always have at least a couple of ads to run against each other.… read more “4 Random Google Adwords Tips”

5 Random Tips for Seo

1. Keep a document (google docs?) with all the tidbits of information you pick up.
2. Fix duplicate content by preferably eliminating it, by use of the noindex tag or by using the link canoniclization tag.
3. Flash is starting to get better indexed for search engines, but don’t use it for textcontent.
4. Use unique alt image tags for all product images (not necessary for logo or boilerplate).… read more “5 Random Tips for Seo”

Creepy Priest

I love the cover of the New York Times right now- it is an article about a creepy child molesting priest accompanied of a very stereotypical photo of him leering at his altar boys.