How To Test Your Business Idea

So you have come up with the next Google/Facebook/Mint website and you think you are going to make a fortune on it?

Maybe you will, but if you are a wise entrepreneur you will test out your business idea first.  Why?

  • After four years, 50% of  startups have failed
  • After ten years, 75% of startups have failed
  • Only 1 in a 1000 startups are a home run like Amazon or Microsoft

Testing your business idea before dedicating your nest egg and years of sweat, blood and tears to it is ABSOLUTELY necessary!read more “How To Test Your Business Idea”

Make More Money on Your Leads

Nick and I were talking today about our home loans website and discussing the fact that 2/3 of the people who use the contact form or call the phone number on it do not have good enough credit scores to get a home loan.

We were losing money on all these people who called in and were quite annoyed that we had to deal with them, when we realized that there is a whole industry of businesspeople out there who would love to talk with exactly the people we didn’t want:

Credit repair companies. … read more “Make More Money on Your Leads”