5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

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Every successful business has a robust email marketing campaign in its marketing repertoire. Email marketing is a great, inexpensive way to reach a large number of people fast. Plus it is a great way to maintain your relationship with past customers. Here are 5 tips for a successful Los Angeles email marketing campaign.

1. Know your readers

To send out an effective marketing email, you have to think about who is actually going to want to read it. Usually building out your own email list is more effective than paying for a list, because you know you are sending the email to people that are actually interested and won’t be annoyed by what they perceive as spam. Be ready to respond to readers that would like more information, but also have an option to opt out of the Los Angeles email marketing campaign out of courtesy.

The bottom line is you treat your readers with respect. You want to figure how to get information about your products to the people who want it, and let the readers be who aren’t interested.

2. Think about content

You want your emails to convey information that is valuable or interesting to your readers. Try subscribing to the email newsletters to the most successful businesses you can find. What are they doing? Is it right for your own campaign? Keep the length of your emails down unless you rarely send them out, and keep the tone of the email personal and casual.

Personalize your emails as much as possible. Think about what your readers want and how you can best cater to their interests. Use descriptive and interesting subject lines that give readers a hint of what’s inside the email. Encourage your readers to forward the email if they find it interesting; this can greatly help your Los Angeles email marketing results.

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3. How about format?

When thinking about your email formatting, remember that most readers will take quick glances at your email to see if anything jumps out at them, and then they will move on. Give your readers a table of contents or a quick set of bullet points with exciting subjects that encourage them to read on. Use large, bold headlines and narrow columns of copy that are easy to scan. Vibrant html messages with video and audio can be exciting, but give your readers the option of plain text if they prefer.

4. Analyze your efforts

You don’t want to be pouring too much time and energy into a newsletter that doesn’t work. Make sure you can track the links in your email to see if readers are actually clicking through for more information. Test different forms of copy, headlines, and design and see what works the best. Constantly analyze the effects of each form of email you are sending out and run with what works, while tweaking what doesn’t work. It will be tough to run a successful Los Angeles email marketing campaign when you don’t take the time to learn what works. After a little trial and error, you’ll figure what has the best effect on your reader base.

5. Hire a professional

The best way to ensure a successful email marketing campaign is to hire a professional to carry it out. Coalition Technologies has extensive experience with email marketing, and we employ cutting edge techniques and analysis to maximize the effectiveness of our clients’ Los Angeles email marketing campaigns. Give us a call today at 1-888-993-7639 and get a free quote.


Los Angeles Small Business Online Marketing

When it comes to running a small business in today’s economy, you need all of the help you can get. Chances are you are working with limited resources, and you are competing in a fast, dynamic market with larger businesses. Online marketing is one of the most powerful, cost-efficient ways for both large and small businesses to increase traffic and market share. Let’s talk about Los Angeles small business online marketing and what you can do to improve your strategy.

asdfOnline Marketing: What is it and Why?

Online marketing has become ubiquitous to the point that we often do it without even thinking about it. In contrast to traditional methods of marketing – such as mail campaigns, radio spots, TV commercials, and physical ads – online marketing concerns anything to do with the Internet, which includes email marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click ads, social media marketing, and more.

To put it simply, online marketing is essential to any serious business today. A vast majority of individuals in developed nations use the Internet every day for their information needs. Google alone retrieves over a billion search results a day. If you are a Los Angeles business providing local services, you definitely want some of this traffic. Searches are increasingly placing heavier weight on local searches, and you’re competing in a highly populated region of commerce. Online marketing is just as important if you are shipping your products around the United States, or even internationally. You’re competing with thousands of other businesses for market share. Los Angeles small business online marketing can increase your traffic and conversions for lower costs and lower resources than traditional marketing. However, because of this, everyone else is engaging in online marketing too; you have to a strong marketing strategy.

Improve Your Strategy

There are many ways to improve your Los Angeles small business online marketing strategy. As you probably know, SEO is huge and there are many ways to improve your search rankings. Search algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated in order to deliver better search experiences for users, and an entire industry has grown around understanding and optimizing for these algorithms. Keyword analysis, rich content generation, link building, website organization, and social media marketing are all ways to improve rankings.

Businesses are increasingly focusing on creating compelling, memorable experiences for their users to share with others on social media networks. Social media platforms themselves are increasingly becoming prime places to advertise and interact with customers.

Plenty of effort goes into researching and understanding target demographics and their online habits in order to improve website experiences and social media interaction. It is also important to understand that everything you do online reinforces everything else. The more effective your social media growth, the more customers you connect via email, and the more traffic and attention you get from other sites, the higher your search rankings, and vice versa.

Choose Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is one of the top online marketing firms in the industry. Our services span all of the Internet marketing necessities: SEO, social media marketing, online brand and reputation, web design, content, and more. We work with your business to understand the central idea behind your company culture so you can communicate it effectively online, and expand your market share in the process. Get ahead of the competition. Let a cutting edge Los Angeles small business online marketing firm do all the heavy lifting for you. Give us a call today at 1-888-993-7639 and get your free quote.

Los Angeles SEO Agency That Keeps Up with Google’s Changes


Thinking of hiring a Los Angeles SEO agency? Before you entrust the search engine viability of your business to any SEO firm, there are some things you need to understand. Obviously your firm should have a solid track record of success, an impressive portfolio, an experienced and knowledgeable team, and a firm understanding of search engine algorithms. But be careful. It’s no longer enough to simply look at a portfolio and say, “Wow, look at all of these high-profile clients.” The SEO game is evolving, and many well-meaning businesses are overlooking one very critical ingredient when it comes to choosing an SEO firm. This ingredient can quite honestly make or break your SEO campaign. So what is it?

The Changing Face of SEO

When choosing a Los Angeles SEO agency (or any SEO agency), you need to look first and foremost at the company’s ability to change with the times. The SEO landscape is changing faster than ever before, and at my firm, Coalition Technologies, we have found that many of even the most established SEO agencies are still stuck in the past. When clients come to us and reveal what was accomplished by their previous SEO firm, it astonishes to see that many highly respected agencies are still employing SEO tactics that have been useless—and in some cases even harmful—since 2009: link wheels, link farming, overuse of anchor text, low-quality article marketing, the list goes on.

SEO is constantly evolving and adapting to the behaviors of Web users, but in 2013, we have seen the discipline completely transform itself. With Google’s Hummingbird release, the role of keyword usage has completely changed. Additionally, Google has become a lot less transparent when it comes to Page Rank and analytics, and less savvy SEOs are scratching their heads in response. Google+ is changing the game for social media, and Google Authorship is more important than ever. As SEO best practices become simultaneously more complex and less transparent, the challenge is to create the most relevant and effective content possible, while marketing in a way that falls perfectly in line with the changing landscape.

Yes, the days of simply building links and stuffing keywords into articles are long gone, and SEO is infinitely more involved than ever before. So the all-important question remains: is your SEO firm still up to the task?

Need a Better Los Angeles SEO Agency?

If you have any misgivings about your current SEO team or SEO effort, it’s time to step it up. Every day that you settle for inferior—or even non-existent—SEO, your business is losing money. Guaranteed. At Coalition Technologies, our industry-leading SEO experts are constantly testing and researching the emerging algorithms, because we believe that it’s not enough to change with the times as they occur. We believe in remaining one step ahead of the curve. That’s how our clients are able to weather the storms of dramatic algorithm shifts, even as other businesses across the world are forced to watch their outdated SEO efforts collapse all around them. Don’t let it happen to you. Call Coalition Technologies for a free quote at 1-888-800-9101, and achieve that much needed edge.

Search Engine Optimization Secrets: Business Cheat Sheets

Download Search Engine Optimization Secrets PDF here.
SEO Business Cheat Sheet

Search Engine Optimization is one of the essential elements of a successful marketing campaign for your business. Below are the core elements of a successful SEO campaign:

  • Business Research – thoroughly understanding the business, goals, customers, best sales pitches, products/services is essential to setting a campaign strategy.
  • Competitor Research – reviewing what your competitors are doing in the space can often tell you vital information about what the customers in the market want and can also help inspire your content ideas.
  • Keyword Research – use the AdWords Keyword tool to help you find highly searched terms within your industry.
  • On Page Search Engine Optimization – factors on your website
    • Tagging – HTML source code optimization is a vital part of SEO. Use your keywords in these tags.
      • Title tag – Use 70 characters or less. Include important keywords and think about what will grab searchers attention.
      • Meta description – Shoot for 155 characters and include important keywords. Have a good call to action.
      • Headers – include your keywords and an interesting line that will hold attention of visitors
      • On page copy – use many variations of your targeted keyword, don’t worry about keyword density.
      • Internal link navigation – Make sure you use the keyword for the destination page as the anchor text in the link.
      • Image alt text – Use the important keywords that are relevant to the image
      • Image filename – Use your keywords in the filename, not random letters or numbers.
      • URL- Use your keywords in the URL and avoid the use of trailing slashes. Ideally it looks like joelx.com/exampe-keyword.
      • Robots.txt – Visit http://moz.com/learn/seo/robotstxt
    • User behavior metrics / User experience – search engines monitor user behavior via javascript
      • Search Engine Results Page Clickthrough Rates – percentage of people who do a search and then click on a specific URL for that keyword.
      • Search Engine Results Page Bounce Rate – percentage of people who click on a search result then quickly hit the back button when they don’t find what they want.
      • Search Engine Results page Follow On Searches – people who return to the search engine after visiting your URL, what do they search for?
    • Duplicate content – Search engines avoid showing the same content twice in search results
      • Copy / paste – if you take your content from another source, generally your page will not rank in search queries related to that content.
      • Structural – does your website URL structure inadvertently create duplicate content? If so, it will split your link authority between various pages.
  • Off Page Search Engine Optimization – there are a number of factors outside of your website itself which influence how your website will show up in search results.
    • Link building – building high quality links from other website to yours will help your site rank better.
    • Social signals – social media website give away a number of algorithmic signals the search engines latch onto.
      • Google +1 http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/+1/
      • Facebook shares – number of people sharing your content in their news feed
      • Facebook comments – number of comments that your posts get
      • Facebook likes –  number of likes that your posts receive
      • Pinterest – Use tall vertical images rather than horizontal ones. Use 100 character keyword based descriptions.
      • Tweets – the number of people retweeting your links on Twitter helps with performance.
      • Instagram – don’t forget to use hashtags.
    • Local SEO factors: Local SEO will help your business be found in your immediate vicinity via search results.
      • Google Place Page – Keywords in categories, business title, promixity
      • External location signals – NAP, IYP, citation volume
      • Review signals – number of reviews, review velocity, review diversity
      • Google Plus Authority – increase your page strength by associating a power Google Plus profile with it
      • Structured Citations – use high quality structural citations from other sites

Building Your Website: Business Cheat Sheet

Business Website Building Tips

Download the Building Your Website Business Cheat Sheet PDF here.

An excellent website is the core marketing foundation for your business. In 2012, ecommerce sales topped $1.3 trillion according to eMarketer and well over 80% of the US population is online on a daily basis. For your customers to find you, you need a great website to showcase your business.

Building a website is highly intimidating for non-technical people so I put together a brief review of options available to you and the steps necessary to get a website built.

The first question to ask is what kind of a website you need and what your budget is.

If you are seeking a website that is fairly standard and you have a small budget, then a website creation tool like BigCommerce for eCommerce sites will work great. If you just want to put content up and you don’t need any transaction processing, WordPress is an excellent platform.  Both of these platforms are do it yourself and very easy to get a website live on a thin budget.

If you have a larger budget, generally it is wisest to seek out a company to assist you in design and development to build a great custom site that matches your needs. How can you find a good contractor? There are several resources available for building your website depending on your budget:

  • Under $2,000:
    • Elance.com – freelancers generally overseas who work cheap. Be very careful to give a detailed list of requirements and review applicants portfolios and reviews and ratings thoroughly.
  • $2,000- $7,000:
    • Craigslist.org- find a contractor in your area who will meet with you in person to plan out your website build. Only hire people with appropriate technical skills and great looking portfolios.
  • $7,000+:
    • Hire a design and development agency with a great reputation in your area. Use tools like Yelp.com to see a companies reviews from other customers. Look carefully at their portfolio and meet with them in person at their office. A great example would be CoalitionTechnologies.com.

Next, you need to interview the people doing your website development. Here are questions you should ask:

  • Provide me a complete list of your portfolio items that your firm developed without any outside contractors? Please list templates or themes that were used for these portfolio items (AVOID firms that use templates and themes!)
  • Send me references of other customers who have worked with you and been satisfied with the results. Have you had any dissatisfied customers? If so why were they dissatisfied?
  • Is your work done by full time employees or contractors (AVOID contractors)
  • How long did it take from signing the contract to the go live date for the last 5 websites you launched?
  • What support do I get from your company after my website goes live?
  • Who on your team will I be working with?
  • What features and functionality will my new website need based on the description of my desired site I provided you?

Once you have a selected a company to work with, you need to finalize a scope of work. This is the most important phase and should clearly outline deliverables, timelines, and payments. People who do not provide a clear scope of work will most likely end up not able to deliver the final product you are looking for.  Your contract to build your new website will need the following items in writing:

  • Payment dates
  • Timeline
  • Who the primary users of your website are
  • What logos, color palette, fonts or other materials will be required to be included in the site
  • Where will the website be hosted
  • Platform requirements (payment processing, contact forms, video, slideshows, etc)
  • Who will be maintaining the website after launch
  • List of particular features your website needs, list everything no matter how small or obvious it might seem
  • Sitemap (list of all the pages you anticipate having when you launch the site)

You are probably very excited to get your new website launched, but doing your due diligence upfront will save you a lot of time and pain later on in maintenance and costs. Make sure you have a thorough scope of work for your website development and have a clear picture of how everything will come together.

Los Angeles Inbound Marketing Company

Inbound Marketing Company - Los Angeles CA

Inbound marketing is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic and even brand loyalty to your business. Blogs, newsletters, informational resources and videos are just a few of the tools that you can use to bring new customers or clients to your proverbial online doorstep every single day. But inbound marketing carries many challenges, and requires a strong game plan. As the founder of a leading Los Angeles inbound marketing company, I have witnessed firsthand how seemingly simple marketing efforts—when properly executed—can bring even fledgling businesses to new heights of prosperity.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic, because it brings your target customers straight to you. Whereas outbound marketing is all about overwhelming the public with often unwanted calls, emails and proposals, in the hopes that a few people will bite, inbound marketing gives the people what they already want, thereby allowing for the greatest number of leads.

How Inbound Marketing Works

Let’s assume that your website sells power tools. A strong inbound marketing effort might include a blog with helpful How-To guides for using power tools around the house. It might also include a YouTube channel with power tool tutorials, a variety of social media profiles with active user engagement, and a targeted SEO campaign to ensure that your website is easily accessible to web surfers seeking the kinds of products that you offer.

When people see your videos, your articles and your site content, they are compelled to buy. They witness the value of your products firsthand, and since they were searching for tool-related content in the first place, you already know that they are interested in power tools.

Inbound marketing is also great for small businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge over the big corporations. Using the aforementioned marketing techniques, you can inspire confidence in the public by demonstrating your expertise. For instance, if you own a small tax firm, you can establish yourself as an authority on taxes by providing useful, expert information to the public. This results in greater consumer confidence, and ultimately greater success for your business.

LA Inbound Marketing Agency

The Challenges of Inbound Marketing

Effective inbound marketing can take your business to new heights of success, but it isn’t easy. In order to achieve the desired result, an inbound marketing effort must be strongly articulated, relevant, creative, persuasive, professional, and of course, highly visible. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. Even if your marketing resources are rock solid, they won’t do you much good if the public can’t find them. Strong inbound marketing requires not only passion and creativity, but also a healthy dose of tech savvy.

Choosing an Inbound Marketing Company

If you want to benefit from a truly spectacular inbound marketing campaign, you will need a professional helping hand. There are many variables associated with inbound marketing, and it’s a highly competitive game. An experienced company can help you to create the kinds of custom, professional marketing materials that will appeal to your ideal target customer base while also driving traffic and converting into real sales.

When choosing an inbound marketing company, though, make sure to do your homework. Ask to see examples of the kind of work the company has done, and learn specific details about the company’s successes – or lack thereof. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and find out as much information as you can.

Coalition Technologies – Los Angeles Inbound Marketing Company

If you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level, give Coalition Technologies a call. Our professional marketers boast decades of combined experience, and our full-time SEO experts will ensure that none of your marketing efforts remain under the radar. We have helped some of the nation’s leading corporations to increase and even multiply their traffic and sales, but we excel in aiding small businesses as well. Check out our portfolio, and give us a call at 1-888-800-9101 to receive a free quote.

How To Get Web Design Leads

Are you interested in learning how to get more web design leads? You have come to the right place! I am the owner of CoalitionTechnologies.com and am looking for great web designers and developers who want to get some leads. We are currently overwhelmed with the volume of leads we get. If you contact me by leaving a blog comment, I will get in touch with you about how you can qualify to get leads from us. We want to thoroughly vet anyone we recommend so please leave your name & email so I can get in touch with you to get you web design leads.

Online Marketing Management – The Top Strategies

For most of my life, I have lived and breathed online marketing management.  From my earliest days building my middle school’s website to today as CEO of Coalition Technologies SEO, I have been focused in on finding the best ways to reach new audiences online. So what are the 5 key strategies I’ve learned along the way?

  1. Use an integrated approach. No single online marketing method alone will achieve the results you are looking for. By combining SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, design, and development you will multiply the effect of each service used individually. For example, one of our clients is LendAFreeHand dog food  and by conjoining a highly effective social media campaign that has generated 80,000+ likes on Facebook with our SEO campaign, our targeted search engine keyword rankings are rising higher and higher.
  2. Google Search Engine Optimization. Note that I specifically mentioned “Google” in reference to optimization.  Bing and Yahoo do not perform well at all compared to Google and 90% of your efforts should focus on getting your search keywords ranking better on Google itself. A great search engine optimization campaign needs to start with a focus on fixing on-site problems such as duplicate content, lack of copy, title tags, meta descriptions, alt img attributes and other factors that may lack keyword relevance. Next you need to focus heavily on off-site optimization including boosting high quality links, clickthrough rates, reducing bounce rates and increasing your social media presence including Facebook Likes, Twitter links, and Pinterest pins.
  3. Install Google Analytics. Without using Google Analytics (the industry standard Analytics package) you are flying blind and don’t know what search keywords are sending visitors to your site, how long those visitors stay or what pages they visit.  Google Analytics also allows for you to do AB & multi-variate testing which will help improve your online marketing management results from SEO, Facebook, Yelp and other sources.

Choosing a Magento Developer

Do you need custom developments for your Magento website? If so, then you probably already know that choosing a Magento developer can be a daunting exercise. If you visit the Magento Partners webpage, you’ll find a seemingly endless collection of listings for developers who promote themselves as your best choice. But not all developers are going to give you the results you’re looking for. My design and development firm is constantly working with clients to repair the damage done by other developers, so before you settle for just any company, consider some important factors.

Magento Developer

Is the Developer a Magento Partner?

This one might seem obvious, but it’s very important to hire an actual Magento partner. Don’t just hire some developer who claims to have experience working with content management systems. Magento partners understand the system inside and out, from setting up custom payment options to optimizing shopping cart preferences. Magento partners are approved by the company, and are monetarily invested in the company, so you have the confidence of hiring someone who definitely knows what they’re doing.

Does the Developer Have Extensive PHP Programming Experience?

Magento is a PHP/MySQL-based framework. So any programmer who wishes to make the most of Magento’s customization features will require an intermediate knowledge of the PHP scripting language. When you choose a Magento Partner, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s still important to inquire about your potential developer’s level of experience.

Ask to See the Magento Portfolio

One way to more accurately gauge a developer’s experience and expertise is to actually view his Magento portfolio. See the kinds of custom developments that your would-be programmer has already completed using Magento, and decide if you like what you see. You wouldn’t hire someone to paint your portrait without first seeing their previous work, would you?

Get Up Close and Personal

Before hiring a developer, get to know her. Ask questions, explain your exact needs in vivid detail and learn the developer’s exact plan for helping you to realize your goals. This interaction will help you to determine if you’ve found the right person. If you have any reservations, ask more questions or consider speaking to different developers.

Consider the Whole Package

When choosing a Magento developer, don’t just look at the obvious requirements, like Magento partnership and PHP experience. There are plenty of developers who can fill these needs. If you want to choose a developer who really goes above and beyond, consider their qualifications beyond mere Magento experience. For instance, will your Magento developer continue to work with you after the developments have concluded? Does he stand by his work? Will he make necessary adjustments even after the site has launched? Can he offer additional services like design or SEO? Consider the assets that go above and beyond the essentials, and you should find it much easier to choose your ideal Magento programmer.

Still Trying to Decide?

I realize that choosing a Magento programmer is a huge decision, but I would encourage you to give Coalition Technologies a call. Out of respect for full disclosure, I am the owner and president of Coalition Technologies, but Coalition isn’t just another Magento partner. Our full time, Los Angeles-based team consists of developers, designers and SEOs, all of whom have extensive experience working with Magento for some of the largest companies in the nation.

But I’m not asking you to blindly hire Coalition Technologies. Give us a call at 888-800-9101 for a free quote. We’ll answer all of your questions and let you know exactly what we can do for you. From there, the choice is yours, so you have nothing to lose. Give Coalition a call today.