5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

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Every successful business has a robust email marketing campaign in its marketing repertoire. Email marketing is a great, inexpensive way to reach a large number of people fast. Plus it is a great way to maintain your relationship with past customers. Here are 5 tips for a successful Los Angeles email marketing campaign.

1. Know your readers

To send out an effective marketing email, you have to think about who is actually going to want to read it.… read more “5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing”

Los Angeles Small Business Online Marketing

When it comes to running a small business in today’s economy, you need all of the help you can get. Chances are you are working with limited resources, and you are competing in a fast, dynamic market with larger businesses. Online marketing is one of the most powerful, cost-efficient ways for both large and small businesses to increase traffic and market share.… read more “Los Angeles Small Business Online Marketing”

Los Angeles SEO Agency That Keeps Up with Google’s Changes


Thinking of hiring a Los Angeles SEO agency? Before you entrust the search engine viability of your business to any SEO firm, there are some things you need to understand. Obviously your firm should have a solid track record of success, an impressive portfolio, an experienced and knowledgeable team, and a firm understanding of search engine algorithms.… read more “Los Angeles SEO Agency That Keeps Up with Google’s Changes”

Search Engine Optimization Secrets: Business Cheat Sheets

Download Search Engine Optimization Secrets PDF here.
SEO Business Cheat Sheet

Search Engine Optimization is one of the essential elements of a successful marketing campaign for your business. Below are the core elements of a successful SEO campaign:

  • Business Research – thoroughly understanding the business, goals, customers, best sales pitches, products/services is essential to setting a campaign strategy.
  • Competitor Research – reviewing what your competitors are doing in the space can often tell you vital information about what the customers in the market want and can also help inspire your content ideas.
read more “Search Engine Optimization Secrets: Business Cheat Sheets”

Building Your Website: Business Cheat Sheet

Business Website Building Tips

Download the Building Your Website Business Cheat Sheet PDF here.

An excellent website is the core marketing foundation for your business. In 2012, ecommerce sales topped $1.3 trillion according to eMarketer and well over 80% of the US population is online on a daily basis. For your customers to find you, you need a great website to showcase your business.… read more “Building Your Website: Business Cheat Sheet”

Lead Tracking Phone System – Calltask.com

I have built a nice publicly available tool for business owners to track lead phone calls. You can go and check it out at calltask.com. The concept is that you can use any device or any phone line and have your call recorded in full and mark where the lead came from (your website, your direct mail, your business cards, etc), as well as leave comments or ratings on each call.  … read more “Lead Tracking Phone System – Calltask.com”

Los Angeles Inbound Marketing Company

Inbound Marketing Company - Los Angeles CA

Inbound marketing is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic and even brand loyalty to your business. Blogs, newsletters, informational resources and videos are just a few of the tools that you can use to bring new customers or clients to your proverbial online doorstep every single day. But inbound marketing carries many challenges, and requires a strong game plan.… read more “Los Angeles Inbound Marketing Company”

How To Get Web Design Leads

Are you interested in learning how to get more web design leads? You have come to the right place! I am the owner of CoalitionTechnologies.com and am looking for great web designers and developers who want to get some leads. We are currently overwhelmed with the volume of leads we get. If you contact me by leaving a blog comment, I will get in touch with you about how you can qualify to get leads from us.… read more “How To Get Web Design Leads”

Online Marketing Management – The Top Strategies

For most of my life, I have lived and breathed online marketing management.  From my earliest days building my middle school’s website to today as CEO of Coalition Technologies SEO, I have been focused in on finding the best ways to reach new audiences online. So what are the 5 key strategies I’ve learned along the way?… read more “Online Marketing Management – The Top Strategies”

Choosing a Magento Developer

Do you need custom developments for your Magento website? If so, then you probably already know that choosing a Magento developer can be a daunting exercise. If you visit the Magento Partners webpage, you’ll find a seemingly endless collection of listings for developers who promote themselves as your best choice. But not all developers are going to give you the results you’re looking for.… read more “Choosing a Magento Developer”