Los Angeles SEO Agency That Keeps Up with Google’s Changes


Thinking of hiring a Los Angeles SEO agency? Before you entrust the search engine viability of your business to any SEO firm, there are some things you need to understand. Obviously your firm should have a solid track record of success, an impressive portfolio, an experienced and knowledgeable team, and a firm understanding of search engine algorithms. But be careful. It’s no longer enough to simply look at a portfolio and say, “Wow, look at all of these high-profile clients.” The SEO game is evolving, and many well-meaning businesses are overlooking one very critical ingredient when it comes to choosing an SEO firm. This ingredient can quite honestly make or break your SEO campaign. So what is it?

The Changing Face of SEO

When choosing a Los Angeles SEO agency (or any SEO agency), you need to look first and foremost at the company’s ability to change with the times. The SEO landscape is changing faster than ever before, and at my firm, Coalition Technologies, we have found that many of even the most established SEO agencies are still stuck in the past. When clients come to us and reveal what was accomplished by their previous SEO firm, it astonishes to see that many highly respected agencies are still employing SEO tactics that have been useless—and in some cases even harmful—since 2009: link wheels, link farming, overuse of anchor text, low-quality article marketing, the list goes on.

SEO is constantly evolving and adapting to the behaviors of Web users, but in 2013, we have seen the discipline completely transform itself. With Google’s Hummingbird release, the role of keyword usage has completely changed. Additionally, Google has become a lot less transparent when it comes to Page Rank and analytics, and less savvy SEOs are scratching their heads in response. Google+ is changing the game for social media, and Google Authorship is more important than ever. As SEO best practices become simultaneously more complex and less transparent, the challenge is to create the most relevant and effective content possible, while marketing in a way that falls perfectly in line with the changing landscape.

Yes, the days of simply building links and stuffing keywords into articles are long gone, and SEO is infinitely more involved than ever before. So the all-important question remains: is your SEO firm still up to the task?

Need a Better Los Angeles SEO Agency?

If you have any misgivings about your current SEO team or SEO effort, it’s time to step it up. Every day that you settle for inferior—or even non-existent—SEO, your business is losing money. Guaranteed. At Coalition Technologies, our industry-leading SEO experts are constantly testing and researching the emerging algorithms, because we believe that it’s not enough to change with the times as they occur. We believe in remaining one step ahead of the curve. That’s how our clients are able to weather the storms of dramatic algorithm shifts, even as other businesses across the world are forced to watch their outdated SEO efforts collapse all around them. Don’t let it happen to you. Call Coalition Technologies for a free quote at 1-888-800-9101, and achieve that much needed edge.