Do Anything

If you could do anything, be anyone and live anywhere with whoever you wished, what would you choose?

Why aren’t you doing it?

People make many excuses to themselves why they aren’t living their dreams:
“I need to pay off my mortgage.”
“I’ll wait till my kids are out of school.”
“I’m not good enough.”

I think that if most people wrote down what they actually would love to do most from day to day they would realize they are much closer than they realize.… read more “Do Anything”

Dreading Monday?

Start your own company.

My Monday looks pretty much identical to my Saturday.

9 AM: Breakfast & begin work
12 AM: Lunch & Nap
2 PM: Work
5 PM: Workout/Basketball/Football/Swimming
6PM: Dinner & more work
8 or 9:Whatever I feel like… sometimes I am happy to keep working.


Few people are willing to make hard decisions.  Oftentimes, people will tell themselves that there isn’t even a decision to make.  Those who continue to work at a big company as a default option are great examples.  They haven’t been offered another job (but aren’t looking) and they don’t create new businesses (they haven’t tried).  By not seeking out alternative options they have made the no-decision decision.… read more “Decisions”

Graduate School is Overrated

Owning your own business is far more educational, enjoyable and profitable than going to grad school. Graduate school works for smart people who are don’t have guts or creativity. There are exceptions of course: the law keeps you out of certain businesses without a degree (law, medicine). These artificial barriers hurt the medical care and legal options for consumers, while benefitting doctors an lawyers.… read more “Graduate School is Overrated”