Graduate School is Overrated

Owning your own business is far more educational, enjoyable and profitable than going to grad school. Graduate school works for smart people who are don’t have guts or creativity. There are exceptions of course: the law keeps you out of certain businesses without a degree (law, medicine). These artificial barriers hurt the medical care and legal options for consumers, while benefitting doctors an lawyers. For most people though, you can learn far more by actually working in industry than in a classroom. Classroom education naturally emphasizes aspects of a field that aren’t as important and sometimes completely ignores vital points. Business should be combined with education at an early age (maybe 13?) and kids should be able to do a wide variety of internships and apprenticeships. People who attend graduate school often have not done much real work in their lives and can be out of touch with reality. Open your own business and learn more, have fun and get rich.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.