Excellent read, hits too close to home

Reopen The World Now

We must reopen the world now. The virus is not as dangerous as continued closures are.

Serological studies are showing that 20x the people we thought had the disease have the disease. That means the disease is 20x less deadly than we thought.

We should use testing and tracing, as well as isolation of the vulnerable, but we must reopen everything now.… read more “Reopen The World Now”

Best Twitter Thread

Flo Crivello on Twitter: “The way I think of it now is: you never compete against Google.… read more “Best Twitter Thread”

Keep Companies Small

A small business is a good business. Most people seem to think supporting small businesses is a good thing, whereas bigger companies tend to become evil. I think this intuition is true.

Mergers and acquisitions make companies larger. What happens in an acquisition? Usually the founder of a company gets bought out and stops working to go live on a beach.… read more “Keep Companies Small”

The $600 Unemployment Booster Shot, Insane Disaster


This program is an insane disaster that will discourage people from working. People should make close to what they would have made an employment, but if you pay them more, why would anyone go back to work or even stay in the job they have today? This is a very concerning program.

Idea from HN I Like

Children are brought into existence w/o their consent.

Now I don’t believe this is* (edit: fixed) an evil or unethical act; it’s simply an unavoidable facet of reality. However, it creates a debt to children so massive, that it can’t be fully repaid in a lifetime.

In short, the debt between children & parents only ever runs one way.… read more “Idea from HN I Like”