Keep Companies Small

A small business is a good business. Most people seem to think supporting small businesses is a good thing, whereas bigger companies tend to become evil. I think this intuition is true.

Mergers and acquisitions make companies larger. What happens in an acquisition? Usually the founder of a company gets bought out and stops working to go live on a beach. A founder is usually the person who best understands the company out of any of the employees and has the best instincts about their industry. The founder by nature is the person who has most improved that business. Losing the founder from a business is a huge loss for society and the economy.

A founder is often the moral compass of a company. Google used to be adored and respected in their early years and even had the motto “Don’t be evil”. Unfortunately, the founders stepped away and the money people stepped in. Now Google search results are much worse, Google Ads are no longer an auction but are turning into extortion. The loss of a founder destroys the soul in a company. This guy is now in charge. No one is worth $281m in compensation, this is just a scam of Google shareholders and other employees.

Businesses should not borrow money to try to grow, unless they directly need it for a major investment like to purchase real property. Businesses should stay out of debt. I don’t care if debt makes a company grow faster, debt increases the risk of serious damage to it’s employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Businesses should even be cautious about taking outside equity to grow. Outside equity often incentivizes bad behavior like risk taking to get bonuses, or just investing too much in something before the company is truly ready.

A small business with a single person as the founder and owner usually means that the business will behave more ethically. Everyone around the business knows who to blame if things go wrong and the owner knows it. Who do you blame at a big company? Which of the rotating CEOs? Each came in for five years and stole $30m a year from the business.

Please call and email your representatives and beg them not to allow any more federal money to go to ANY businesses. Give the money directly to people. People can then go out and start small businesses.

Big businesses and big banks failing is a wonderful thing. It allows the old, decrepit institution to die this making way for many small businesses to capture the opportunities and customers left behind. Even evolution recognizes this and programs in cell death and death into larger organisms specifically to prevent them from becoming a cancer upon the organism or upon society. Big business is a cancer on our economy and society.

Please support small businesses and stop bailouts. Call and email your representatives now.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.