Fixing housing

Regulation of housing introduces more nightmares than it solves. Rent control eliminates used inventory. Building regulations limit new inventory.
Solve it by changing the laws to allow new buildings of all sorts, especially very small and cheap apartments. And by getting rid of rent control.

How to tell if someone is lying

Each yes answer to one of the questions below increases the likelihood someone is lying to you:

Does the person have a history of lying?

Does the person have something to gain by lying to you? IE are they selling something?

Is the person a politician? Politicians almost always have something to gain by lying or exaggerating or not telling the whole truth.… read more “How to tell if someone is lying”


Unpopular opinion: I was bullied as a child, but I think adults should not try to stop child bullies. The bullies I dealt with made my life miserable until I figured out how to recognize them and strategies to defang them. I have even been a bully myself as I will describe below.

Bullies exist all over our world.… read more “Bullies”

H&M Stores Shuttered in China as Backlash Over Xinjiang Grows – Bloomberg

Why does any business do business in China while the communist party is in power? Not only is it evil to do business with a dictatorship that enslaves a billion people, but it’s stupid and unprofitable to do business in a country that has screwed over every foreign business that has tried to invest.