What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy?

This is a simple question that has always been a tough one for mankind to resolve effectively.

I have found that once I met a certain minimum lifestyle for myself, additional income or materials goods don’t make me happier. What makes me happier is spending time with people, accomplishing goals, and personal freedom.… read more “What Makes You Happy?”

The world must unite or perish

Weapons are now in existence that are easy for a single person, small faction, or rogue nation to build themselves. Weapons that are capable of striking any group of people on the planet. No one is safe. Worse yet, some of these weapons are capable of annihilating large numbers of people. Worst, some of the biological weapons are uncontrollable and easily built by a basic biochemical lab- these could kill billions of people.… read more “The world must unite or perish”