Henry Ford on How To Increase GDP

Henry Ford wrote extensively about how to increase GDP. What is GDP? Gross Domestic Product in his opinion is chiefly driven by increasing the amount of developed power available. This is electrical power and transportation power from all sources… Dams, coal, solar, wind, and nuclear power.

Henry Ford wrote that developed power is the reason Americans of his time lived such good lives compared to the rest of the world… In Morocco, people had to thresh wheat by hand where in America that a machine that could thresh 1,000 times more wheat per hour than a man could by hand.… read more “Henry Ford on How To Increase GDP”

Message for CEO Jeannine Grinnell of Valley Medical Center

Jeannine Grinnell, I heard your “Message from the CEO” dozens of times while I was waiting on hold. I called Valley Medical Center 5 times and each time I was put on hold for ten minutes before being hung up on.

Apparently, my frustrations with Valley Medical Center are not unique. Currently, the Google My Business reviews show a 2.7 star rating with 468 reviews.… read more “Message for CEO Jeannine Grinnell of Valley Medical Center”

Why Doctor’s Don’t Email

Doctor’s don’t email because putting something in writing creates liability that could be used against them in court. The second reason is stupid government regulations… namely HIPAA… a law that created massive bureaucracy and killed many patients.

National Security & Environmental Risks

Washington State and 11 other states have banned the use of ICE engines starting in eight years. Why would any business invest in improvements to their oil¬†pumping and refining infrastructure or try to find ways to build more efficient engines knowing that? I also am very concerned about our environment, but lithium has been overhyped – it requires extremely damaging strip mining and toxic leach fields –¬†https://www.euronews.com/read more “National Security & Environmental Risks”