DIY Playset and Swing Set with Swing, Climbing Holds, Climbing Net, Trapeze bar, Slide

The video showcases the DIY play set and swing set I built for my kids to play on. I have included the features, build quality, prices, labor time, cut list, construction method, and tools used.

Features – slide, climbing net, climbing wall, climbing slats, rope climb, sand, swings.

Build quality – far higher than store bought, this uses big 4×4 posts to hold up the weight.… read more “DIY Playset and Swing Set with Swing, Climbing Holds, Climbing Net, Trapeze bar, Slide”

What nobody says about startup moms | Hacker News

As someone who partied through their late teens and early twenties, then spent seven years working 14/7/365 founding a successful company, and finally got married and had 2 kids a couple of years ago, I can tell you that the family is by far the most meaningful and important. I regret the drinking and partying.… read more “What nobody says about startup moms | Hacker News”

Most News Wastes Time

I think I read way too much news. I tried to control my new sources to make sure they are more accurate, but most of all the stuff news shares on a day-to-day basis is just noise.

I think the news organizations have gotten incredibly good at being entertainment organizations and trying to hold our attention for hours a day.… read more “Most News Wastes Time”

Politics & Economics

I think it takes a long time for politician’s policies to affect the economy. And policies that do affect the economy short term are usually like a kid eating sugar… might make them feel good for a few minutes, but makes them sick long term. Social security / Medicare made everyone feel good when it came out, but will harm our country eventually.
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Another Good Reason To Abolish Patents

Patents should be abolished period. For the benefits of the free market to actually go to consumers, the government should not be creating artificial monopolies and barriers to trade.

Every new idea is only a very tiny extension of the vast corpus of human knowledge that came before it. To claim ownership of an idea is obscene, especially since even very complex ideas like calculus usually occur to many people at the same time.… read more “Another Good Reason To Abolish Patents”