Setting Up A Trust Fund For Your Child

I recently realized I should set up a trust fund for each of my children. There is a strong stigma with a “trust fund baby”, but a trust fund for kids is actually extremely common and does not necessarily mean the family is wealthy or the child is spoiled. The trust fund is set up so that if the parents are not around for the child, the child has assets to survive.… read more “Setting Up A Trust Fund For Your Child”

TWS API – Solving Incorrect MinTick / Price Increment

Interactive Brokers will sometimes return an error if a programmer is not using the correct minimum tick amount for an order. I ran into this and received the error:

“The price does not conform to the minimum price variation for this contract.”

This was strange to me as the function reqContractDetails returned a minTick amount of 0.0001… read more “TWS API – Solving Incorrect MinTick / Price Increment”

Putin Sends Message

Putin has many people killed quietly with staged car accidents or heart attacks or even cancer.

Once in a while though, Putin wants to send a clear message to the entire world that he can and will murder those who oppose him. When he needs to do this, he will use rare poisons only accessible to him as the leader of a large nation.… read more “Putin Sends Message”

Fox News Bias

Any reader of Fox News could write articles like this daily. If you visit the homepage today, you will see a leading headline with several stories about Pelosi visiting a hair salon. The actual article title is so biased it is silly, “Politics’ Marie Antoinette: Pelosi’s salon visit shows she’s part of hypocritical elite: critic”.… read more “Fox News Bias”

Policing Cannot Be A Fair Fight

Please read my last post on eliminating police unions so that police can be held accountable to upholding the highest standards of justice. I am taking for a given that the police force described in this post earnestly strives for justice.

Police forces will always be vastly outnumbered by the general population. Therefore, police cannot engage in “fair fights”.… read more “Policing Cannot Be A Fair Fight”