Fun vs Useful College Degrees

Maybe we should not tell kids to follow their dreams for work, but work for money so they can follow their dreams?

Majoring in film making, writing, and most non-stem degrees is a quick way to be deep in debt working minimum wage jobs. Even business (my degree) is a waste of money for most kids.… read more “Fun vs Useful College Degrees”

High Pharma Costs

The true root cause of high pharmaceutical costs in the United States is our competition crushing patent system. If we eliminate patents, we open up the market completely to competition. More competition will bring extremely low prices. Innovation will not be harmed as most innovation is done in universities and is government funded, in the private innovation will happen anyways as the first mover advantage in these markets is huge

Special interests rule the world

Special interests rule the world, except where a recent revolution happened. Special interests by definition have a stronger desire than the general population for certain policies, and thus get them installed even when it harms most citizens. Thomas Jefferson said that a nation needs a revolution once a generation to keep it’s freedom. Either that or there needs to be a constitutional clause that automatically sunsets all government legislation and agencies every seven or ten years.

Watch “Cop pulls over off duty cop for reckless driving 134 mph” on YouTube

Most police officers are good people trying to uphold the law.

I injured my knee three years ago and watched hundreds of police shooting videos while laying in the hospital for two weeks, and I don’t think I saw one where I would not have shot prior to the police officer.

Sure, there are some bad apples that are protected by police unions and should be fired, but the majority are doing their best.

As Afghanistan Forces Crumble, an Air of Unreality Grips the Capital – The New York Times

America’s policy in Afghanistan is absolutely horrifying. Invading them, then occupying and setting up a government, then abandoning it is a foolish waste of trillions of dollars. It is incredibly inhumane to all of the Afghanis who supported us and to all of the regular citizenry there. Remember all of those schools for girls and things like that?… read more “As Afghanistan Forces Crumble, an Air of Unreality Grips the Capital – The New York Times”

Patent trolls are evil

Patent trolls are pure evil.

The solution is to dismantle the system scummy patent attorneys built and use to steal from good companies.

The entire patent system only serves to prevent competition through a government enforced monopoly. Why is there only one big aircraft manufacturer (Boeing) left in the US? Patents. Why is there only one major DB maker (Oracle)?… read more “Patent trolls are evil”

Non-Screen Projects

Many days, I spend all day looking at screens. I work on my laptop hooked up to a second monitor, I mess around with my phone, and I read my Kindle Paperwhite.

I noticed that my vision has deteriorated because of this. My eyes stay fixed forward and don’t focus as well as they used to on anything that is not within 1-3 feet of my face.… read more “Non-Screen Projects”