Rick and Morty season 5 review

I love the first three seasons of Rick and Morty and could not recommend them enough to other people. The last two seasons though have just not been funny.

Season 5 completely lacks comedic timing. They simply tried to cram as much action and jokes as they possibly could into each episode. A lot of the jokes would be quite funny if they were focused on and given the time to develop and then land, but instead the extremely frenetic pace just leaves you staring at the screen.… read more “Rick and Morty season 5 review”

US Government Sanctioned Racism and Sexism in Contracting

The US government specifically gives a major advantage to certain races and sexes in awarding contracts. Women are strongly preferred to men, and blacks are preferred to whites.

If the government wants to end racism and sexism, how can it possibly think that doing that same racism and sexism is the solution?

The US government awarding contracts based on racism and sexism means that no one thinks the people who won those contracts got them fairly on merit… even if they were truly the most deserving to win.… read more “US Government Sanctioned Racism and Sexism in Contracting”

Free Market Reforms We Need

For free markets to work, we need the following:

-Bankruptcy without bailouts to clear dead wood.

-Abolish patents as these simply limit free market competition and are a ploy to try to claim ownership on something that usually is one tiny fragment of human knowledge.

-Public tax records for everyone. Sunlight is the best disinfectant (and the best way to allocate resources)!… read more “Free Market Reforms We Need”

Pierce County Government Needs to Synchronize Traffic Lights on Meridian

The Pierce County Government Needs to synchronize all the traffic lights on Meridian all the way out through Graham. Not having these traffic lights synchronized wastes thousands of hours and millions of dollars of Pierce County residents time every single day.

Scam: Washington State Long Term Care Insurance Mandate

The problem with government solutions is that they are so easily corrupted. For example, here in Washington State, USA a law recently passed mandating long term care insurance. Sounds nice right? The reality is that this will be funded by an income tax that will then pay $116,000 per year person in a long term care facility.… read more “Scam: Washington State Long Term Care Insurance Mandate”

Going solo versus having a co-founder

I have had co-founders to my businesses and I’ve done businesses solo. Solo always works better. Pretty much anyone who wants a technical co-founder is someone who won’t pull their weight.
Plus you lose half your equity right off the bat and you are dependent on someone and you aren’t really sure what they’re going to do for you.… read more “Going solo versus having a co-founder”

Politicization of Science

Much of science now is highly politicized. We have seen what happens to professors or research scientists who try to take a position that countered popular opinion on a sensitive topic – they have protests against them, they are spat upon and assaulted, and they lose their jobs.

All of the other scientists and researchers see this and adjust their own behavior and areas of study to avoid being mobbed.… read more “Politicization of Science”