Broken finger, new baby, remodel update, fencing

Lots of updates!

Most important and exciting is that our fourth baby, Hazel, was born! We are super happy and excited to have her join our family.

Grant, our one year old, tried climbing up a small shelf when no one was looking and pulled it over on himself. Unfortunately, it all landed on the top of his tiny finger and fractured the bone.… read more “Broken finger, new baby, remodel update, fencing”

Limited Liability is Evil

As a serial entrepreneur, I have benefited greatly from limited liability, however I see it being abused almost everywhere. I think we should get rid of it in general.

The concept of limited liability is the source of many of America’s societal ills.

If people were liable forever for the actions and could not contract it away, especially when concerning actions that can harm the public, you would see executives and boards of directors behave very differently do today.… read more “Limited Liability is Evil”

A way to remove Google Business Profile negative reviews

I had a very bad experience with an engineer who ripped me off, that story is here: I am not going to get into that here, instead I want to focus on something very interesting: Somehow he got all the negative reviews of his business removed from Google Business Profile including the one I wrote.… read more “A way to remove Google Business Profile negative reviews”

Best Business Books

Autobiographies are the best way to learn firsthand from those who have “won” at business:

Sam Walton – this is easily the best. Solid gold nuggets of wisdom every page.

Henry Ford – strong business, science, and tech ideas. Plus his biography of his good friend Thomas Edison is great.

Larry Ellison – pretty solid.

Richard Branson – okay autobiographies, probably too many though.

Are friends detracting from families?

Why are so many people not having children, or having fewer children? Why are families often so disconnected?

I think part of the issue is that people over-emphasize friends. Friends have a place and are good to have, but they do NOT replace and they should never be more important than family.

Grandparents who would rather hang out on the golf course with their peers rather than help their kids raise their grandkids are a big part of the problem.… read more “Are friends detracting from families?”