Bailouts = Corporate Socialism and Crony Capitalism

We went to McConnell’s people, we went to Schumer’s people, and Pelosi’s and McCarthy’s people — we pinged them all,” said Rachelle B. Bernstein, a lobbyist and tax counsel at the National Retail Federation, which pressed successfully for the $15-billion-a-year change in federal tax law.Lobbyists appealed to Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, as well as Democratic more “Bailouts = Corporate Socialism and Crony Capitalism”

Bailouts Destroy Freedom

My team and I are taking pay cuts (I have completely forgone my salary) and a lot of hard working people in tight positions have volunteered to take pay cuts so we can hold our company together through this time. Meanwhile, scum politicians and the idle rich are giving themselves trillions of dollars at the expense of hardworking people.
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Herd Immunity

I am starting to think that the cure to the Covid 19 Coronavirus is worse than the disease. 99% of the people dying from the virus were already dying from another disease to start with. Shuttering the entire economy is pretty terrifying and who knows if or when it will be able to start again. I think we risk a higher percentage of people potentially dying from outcomes related to that than the disease itself.… read more “Herd Immunity”