Defund & Shut Down the FCC

The FCC is a totally worthless agency that has been completely captured by the big companies they are supposed to regulate. We have had the technology for a long time to 100% stop spam calls, but the FCC refuses to allow / force it to be implemented.

Why Is the University of California Dropping the SAT? – The Atlantic

Getting rid of standardized testing is a bad idea. Standardized tests are a better indicator of success in college than GPA is. If we get rid of standardized tests, we should get rid of GPAs too. I would not have gotten into college without standardized tests.

Also, why does “anti-racism” seem to be trying to bring back racist policies, just flipped around?… read more “Why Is the University of California Dropping the SAT? – The Atlantic”

Why is America good at conventional warfare?

My guess is that such a high percentage of Americans are businessmen, that we have a significant advantage in logistics. A lot of war is simply getting a force concentration superior to the enemy at the right place at the right time. American merchants have mastered this, and even though the American military is much less efficient than private enterprise, it is still superior to foreign armies without that experience.… read more “Why is America good at conventional warfare?”


I grew up poor and always thought of money in terms of what it could buy me: food, car, housing, etc. One of the mindset changes I had to make was that money is a tool. A lot of guys like me who grew up without money quit working hard and making money when they see just a little bit… But if you stay focused and keep grinding, money will change from something you are desperate to have to eat into a powerful tool for changing your whole life.