Why Is the University of California Dropping the SAT? – The Atlantic


Getting rid of standardized testing is a bad idea. Standardized tests are a better indicator of success in college than GPA is. If we get rid of standardized tests, we should get rid of GPAs too. I would not have gotten into college without standardized tests.

Also, why does “anti-racism” seem to be trying to bring back racist policies, just flipped around? Everyone agrees that policies that universities used to ban blacks and minorities were terrible and a great injustice. So why is it a good idea to bring back these same policies to ban whites and Asians?

We can get rid of racism by making a world that is based on merit, with no reference to race.

Race should never be used to qualify for anything. Reverse racism perpetuates racism.

Cancel culture has made me afraid to even post these obvious points and I probably have the strongest defenses against cancel culture available – I am financially independent and one hundred percent own my own company. I feel bad for anyone that works at a place where they are too afraid they will lose their job to tell the truth.

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