Halloween at Coalition!

We had a Halloween contest this year with a prize for best overall outfit and best Coalition related outfits! Some really amazing outfits came in, such as two real life Coalition illustrations, my blender drink, a black hat SEO. We had some great other outfits like ghosts, mummies, and many other monsters! I came as a hacker, but that was kind of a weak sauce outfit lol.… read more “Halloween at Coalition!”

Rebuild My Recruiting Site for Multiple Companies?

I have spent a lot of time preparing my company’s recruiting site to be rebuilt so multiple companies can make use of it. I am having second thoughts though now that I am almost ready to start actually converting it over. I think the work will be larger than I had first thought:

  • Set up candidate social network
  • Set up billing
  • Set up company & employees tables
  • Set up marketing site pages
  • Change every one of over a hundred something routes to carry data and pages for multiple companies
  • Switch domains
  • Setup dynamic subdomains
  • Build testing for everything above
  • And more

If I don’t work on this project, I could alternatively work on one of the following other projects:

  1. Put more attention and effort myself into Scoretask (Coalition’s operating system)
  2. Work with Laurel on getting a house, although whether to do LA or WA, I don’t know.
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Dinner with Brian and Kelsey

Laurel made a great dinner last night for Brian, my buddy from college, and Kelsey, her buddy from college! It was a delicious meat and potatoes and carrots concoction with a side of bread and cheese. We then played Qwirkle and made a lot of jokes about the name.

Prison Dream

I had a strange dream last night that I was a reporter who went undercover into a prison.

When I entered the prison, I was expecting to look down on the prisoners and be in full control of my circumstances – I could bail out if I needed to. Instead I found that an extraordinarily powerful gang controlled the prisons and that they could exert their strength outside of prison just as easily as inside.… read more “Prison Dream”

Recruiter Candidate’s Angry Response To Rejection Email

I understand candidates are upset when they get rejected from a job they interviewed for. But check out this guy’s response when he failed to get the Recruiter job he applied for:

My team’s fairly standard rejection email “Making a decision on who to select was extraordinarily difficult and we believe another individual is a slightly better fit for us at this time.… read more “Recruiter Candidate’s Angry Response To Rejection Email”

Recruiting Site Upgrades

I have been working hard on Coalition’s recruiting site and making upgrades to it. Yesterday we just launched our new platform on Laravel 5.5 and PHP7! Still trying to work out all the bugs, but looking good so far!


Work Verk Verk

The downside to working on the weekends is that sometimes you have less motivation during the week. I generally find that I try to ride the waves of motivation. I do need to eliminate some of the distractions like my Xbox though… I spend too many evenings playing that.

Software Bug Hunting Advice

My personal experience in bug hunting has taught me a few things:

  1. Actually READ the error message… usually that is exactly the problem.
  2. Google search the error message and see what other people have done in similar situations.
  3. Ask for help from other developers sooner rather than later.
  4. Take a break and do an entirely different activity away from your computer and the answer often comes then.
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