Recruiter Candidate’s Angry Response To Rejection Email

I understand candidates are upset when they get rejected from a job they interviewed for. But check out this guy’s response when he failed to get the Recruiter job he applied for:

My team’s fairly standard rejection email “Making a decision on who to select was extraordinarily difficult and we believe another individual is a slightly better fit for us at this time. We appreciate your interest in our company and thank you for the time you spent applying to work with us. We will keep your resume on file if this or similar positions become available again in the future.”

Then the rather extraordinary response from the candidate (curse words redacted):

“Let me guess … you hired another woman??

Whatever + f*** you, b****….

Your c***-controlled-economy will fail, in the end.”

Looks like we dodged a bullet on this guy. Unfortunately, some other innocent company will have no idea who he is and will hire him.

I have wanted to create a website for about ten years that would allow for public reviews of regular people, sort of like Yelp or something. People do truly atrocious things when they can get away with it, but if they knew things like this could be public knowledge they would correct their behaviors and themselves. The world would be much safer and happier. What do you think?

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.