Evel Knievel Has Passed Away

Today, the legendary Evel Knievel died of heart problems. He was 69.

A great man has passed away and everyone needs to remember his incredible feats. Who has accomplished more for mankind than the man who tried to jump the Grand Canyon with a rocket-propelled motorcycle? Who has loved life more than the man who laid it all on the line for that wonderful jolt of adrenaline most of us get from driving in traffic?… read more “Evel Knievel Has Passed Away”

Pioneer Square Office

The wonderful thing about working in Pioneer Square is all the diverse crazies. I just looked at my window and watched a very drunk man peer around him, then whip it out between two white minivans parallel parked along Jackson and pee all over the street. As my coworkers and I watched and laughed his pee puddle trickled back down to his foot and he shuffled in a little half circle around it.… read more “Pioneer Square Office”

Brett Favre and the Zodiac Killer

After work yesterday, I walked up the Fox Sports Grill on 5th & Pike in downtown Seattle and watched the Cowboys-Packers game with Nick Fitzer and a bunch of his friends. The Dallas Cowboys won, while Brett Favre went down with an injured arm. I don’t usually watch much sports and I think it was more entertaining to watch the crowds of office denizens yell at the plasma televisions in the bar and each other than the game itself.… read more “Brett Favre and the Zodiac Killer”

Joel’s Primary Search Traffic

I get traffic from search queries on Google. Below are the keywords that send the most people to joelx.com.

# % Query Position
1 10.00% nudedaddy 4
2 10.00% jason robinett 8
3 8.00% earl paulk 7
4 8.00% efficeient 8
5 5.00% shannon schreiber 1
6 5.00% broadstripe sucks 1
7 5.00% omi sushi seattle 1
8 5.00% mark rody 2
9 5.00% khodorkovsk 3
10 5.00% no such thing as former kgb 4
11 5.00% sunday late night specials at the ram restaurant puyallup 4
12 5.00% mr cascade christian 5
13 5.00% rachelle robinett 5
14 5.00% fugly conture 7
15 5.00% christian reviews fletch 11
16 5.00% chris bowker 14
17 5.00% earl paulk 25

Nudedaddy..… read more “Joel’s Primary Search Traffic”

King of America: Policy on the Homeless

Living near Pioneer Square gives me an intimate knowledge of the many varieties of bums. Too intimate in my opinion. Yesterday, a short Native American drunk came up to my friend and I as we sat on a park bench and tried talking in very slurred words. I shooed him on his way. He kept trying to talk, so I kept saying, “Shoo shoo, keep moving.… read more “King of America: Policy on the Homeless”

U.S. Federal Government Hiding Trillions in Deficits

Over the last few year, the figures the government has been releasing on the budget deficits has been far underreported. What they did was took out the interest that the massive Social Security and Medicare trust funds earned on money kept in bonds… for instance if the deficit was going to be $400 billion they subtracted out the $200 billion in interest payments.… read more “U.S. Federal Government Hiding Trillions in Deficits”