The Problem Of Evil And Religion

My little brother Justin recently emailed me and started a discussion on religion and the problem of evil.  I thought my readers may find it useful or entertaining, so check it out:

7/17/09 Written @ 2:21 am


I have been propelled to share truth with you. Because of all things a dream I had about you.… read more “The Problem Of Evil And Religion”

Mars Hill Church in Seattle- A Christian’s Perspective

My good friend Mark was kind enough to share his perspective on the Mars Hill Church in Seattle. He sent me the following response in an email and agreed to let me share what he thought, but I should also mention this is just his gut response as he has not attended he just read the NYTimes more “Mars Hill Church in Seattle- A Christian’s Perspective”

Religion Discussion Between Mark & I

My good friend Mark and I have been having an extensive ongoing email conversation about quite a few topics including home prices, construction and the overall economy.‚  However, over the next day or two I am going to publish a few bits and pieces of our conversation as it pertains to religion because I am curious to have other people’s input.‚ read more “Religion Discussion Between Mark & I”

Debate: Religion Vs. Evolution

The great and mighty Black Rooster sent me the following video of a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the subject of religion versus evolution.

The debate video is very long, but it is interesting and fun to listen to. Rabbi Boteach does one of the best jobs I’ve heard of defending religion, however Christopher Hitchens still wins out.… read more “Debate: Religion Vs. Evolution”

Jesus Rode Dinosaurs

New scientific findings give new credence to the theory that Jesus rode Dinosaurs. We all know that the dinosaurs survived the Flood on Noah’s Ark (Noah used his miniaturization ray to shrink the T-Rex so it fit) and recent evidence from Creationist scientists conclusively shows that Jesus did ride dinosaurs. To view the evidence of Jesus riding dinosaurs, see the ancient manuscript below:

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