Debate: Religion Vs. Evolution

The great and mighty Black Rooster sent me the following video of a debate between Christopher Hitchens and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the subject of religion versus evolution.

The debate video is very long, but it is interesting and fun to listen to. Rabbi Boteach does one of the best jobs I’ve heard of defending religion, however Christopher Hitchens still wins out.… read more “Debate: Religion Vs. Evolution”

Jesus Rode Dinosaurs

New scientific findings give new credence to the theory that Jesus rode Dinosaurs. We all know that the dinosaurs survived the Flood on Noah’s Ark (Noah used his miniaturization ray to shrink the T-Rex so it fit) and recent evidence from Creationist scientists conclusively shows that Jesus did ride dinosaurs. To view the evidence of Jesus riding dinosaurs, see the ancient manuscript below:

I love creationists.… read more “Jesus Rode Dinosaurs”

Joel Osteen Mans Up

Someone sent me this video of Joel Osteen and the message he would be preaching if he were a true Christian. Joel Osteen is usually a touchy-feely, very watered down pastor who doesn’t talk much about God or Jesus and mostly focuses on self help bullcrap. did a great job putting together this video of Joel Osteen having him say such things as “the whole world is going to hell!”… read more “Joel Osteen Mans Up”