Joel Osteen Mans Up

Someone sent me this video of Joel Osteen and the message he would be preaching if he were a true Christian. Joel Osteen is usually a touchy-feely, very watered down pastor who doesn’t talk much about God or Jesus and mostly focuses on self help bullcrap. did a great job putting together this video of Joel Osteen having him say such things as “the whole world is going to hell!” and “New York City is going to hell” lol.

Joel Osteen is a scuzzball self-help guru, but here is a portrayal of him as a fire & brimstone preacher. I like Joel Osteen better in this video, at least it’s honest to the Bible.

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  1. What’s the purpose, the intention of the websites like yours that analyze Joel??Pray for him if you are truly concerned abt his “ministry”??

  2. That is not Joel preaching the lips are not in sync and there are points when his mouth is closed and someone is preaching. I do not agree with Joel and his preaching but this video is fraud.

  3. Don’t hate because he is successful. Plus listen once or twice. He actually makes more sense than any Sunday Catholic service. He’s an ok guy!!

  4. Weeping and nashing of teeth are in your future Joel…
    Wake up and worship Jesus the son of GOD. He loved you so much that he would rather die than live without you… He is coming back for what is his… OPEN YOUR EYES…

  5. It starts here:

    Read what the Apostle Paul says about our redeemer and our redemption. In Romans chapters 5,6,7 and 8 Paul lays it down.
    Read carefully how he deals with the Church in Corinth. Thats
    the same condition most churches are in today.

  6. The video on the second page on this site of Joel Olsteen talking, you were implying that he was saying that NY was going to hell and the whole world as well. THAT ISNT’T EVEN HIS VOICE, you should be ashamed at critisizing a man who DOSE speak about God. You stated yourself that you don’t even read the bible and also when Larry King was interviewing Joel, you stated about why he wouldn’t condemn sinners……well guess what, it is GOD’S job to do that so if I were you I would let it go cause you are possibly only sending yourself to hell.

  7. I cannot stomach Joel Olsteen’s feel good and accept everybody (oh and dont forget to donate money) message. The guy whose voice is dubbed into the video is actually speaking Gods Word. The reason I know, I began feeling convicted. This is a lot different than being inspired as Joel likes to do. Now inspiration has its place in church but not every time you walk into the door. Also PEOPLE DO NOT LIKE TO BE CONVICTED that is why they flock to these feel good pastors and are so happy to open their wallets to him.

  8. This video is a lie because this is not Paster Joel Olsteen voice and it is a deception! The Lord knows that Joel is innocent of these charges! Only God has the right to judge! The Truth will set Joel Olsteen free in Jesus name!

  9. Joel Osteen is a topic on our show once in awhile and his message is an extracted content Gospel. I ask all people who support him, do you even know what the Bible truly says compared to what Joel’s teachings are? or are you more fixated with meeting your own needs? Joel’s teachings and the teachings of Christ are not the same. If you are a Christian then BE A CHRISTIAN and start laying your loyalty with God and his word instead of a teacher that extracts the Gospel of sin and repentance from his teaching in order to please a larger audience of people. I think you owe Christ at least that for sacrificing his life for you.

  10. It breaks my heart to read and see so much division in the body of Christ. Paul states “where there is strife and division the spirit of God is not there.” However this is not to say that one is to keep silent when misguided teachers (pastors) are giving a message of hope without dealing with the core issue of why hope is needed which is “sin”. I believe Joel Olsteen has started out with good intentions. I believe he started out wanting to truly help. However as much as encouragement in the Lord is needed, we cannot give encouragement without the full council of God. We cannot be worried of the offense that might be conceived (which in reality is conviction [for the one that repents) or condemnation [for the one that will not acknowledge that repentance is needed]).
    We are told by Christ follow “Me”, “Me” in meaning Christ not man. So if the full message of God that Jesus gives us is not being taught and lived out by the one bringing the message I have know business following for then I am following a man not Christ.
    People will say “don’t talk about Joel he ministers to me, he makes me feel good, he gives me hope, etc.” That’s all well and good but as for me I don’t want a man ministering to me I want God, I don’t want to feel good for none of us are good except God, therefore I want to know I am seen righteous before the father and this is only through Christ, I don’t want Joel’s hope I want the only real hope there is which is Christ.
    My desire (I say mine because I don’t want to be accused of speaking for all mankind, though I would hope all mankind [believers] would desire this), is to be in right relationship with my Father in heaven. If I am in right relationship it does not matter what is seen and felt in the natural for we know that our father is at work in the supernatural and will manifest all things in the natural at its appropriate time. We pray to be delivered, but we do want to examine ourselves to see if there is anything that needs to be confessed, repented of or surrendered, for God then to move us to the next level of maturity in our relationship with Him.
    Joel Olsteen is serving a purpose, for God will use all things for His purpose even the foolishness in man. Those who are truly seeking truth will not be satisfied with staying under His teaching, for God does desire more for us than we can ever think or imagine, and brothers and sisters though material things are not evil a focus on them as God being at work in our lives is.
    God spoke to Balaam by way of a mule, does this mean that if God for a moment uses a mule to speak to me I need to stay under the mule? Please do not take my words out of context I am not Calling Joel a mule. I believe that Joel just like us is a work in process. My prayer is for him to become a mighty man of God that preaches the full word of God.
    I keep hearing people say our God is a break through God, I believe this true but only once we are broken, surrendered, repented and fully dependent on him, then He can break through and we can hear Him in our circumstance.

    I pray that all us may continue seeking and desiring truth in our lives, not our truth but truth which only comes from God.

    Christ says “I am the way, the truth and the life know one comes to father except through me” John 14:6

    Therefore we need to follow Christ.

  11. Christ, the only Truth truly blesses you sister Martha,
    This is why I’ve said yes to Christ Spirit. He guides me and all who He lives within into all Truth. Makes us see things to happen. The good, the bad and the ugly and not always in that order.
    1 Peter 4;17 Judgement starts with those who has Christ Spirit. Once we’ve been judged by Christ Spirit then our way of living convicts and judges those who refuse Christ Spirit. 1 Cor 6:2,3,4.
    Hope your enjoying your companionship with Christ Spirit as much as I do

  12. Yes, Joel is a work in progress, a real piece of ‘art’. If he were ever to read Proverbs 20-28 and Ecclesiastes, heck, the bible itself, we might learn something. He simply does not belong behind a pulpit, or rather a podium posing and propheting behind the mask of Christianity as icing on the cake. Most of his things I find as what would be a bad commerical with 20-40 minute spiels that could be encapsulated in one or two sentences. Yet, his ‘people’ will call you dumb, ignorant and blind while throwing money in the Kingdom of Joel.

  13. Do any of you dumbasses even read? No shit it’s not really his voice. If YOU READ THE WORDS FIRST you’d realize that they already said it wasn’t him saying that. But I forgot, you’re all fat lazy pieces of shit that would rather watch a video than read and go post all of your “I em s0 smurt lukky WUT I fownd” bullshit. Enjoying burning in hell! Kwiiiiiirzzzzzzzz

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