Tel Aviv to be “Gay Capital”

A friend pointed out an article about Tel Aviv and it’s desire to be the gay capital of the world and asked me to write a post on it – “i think you should do a post on your web asite about tel aviv becoming the gay capital. because not only is it funny but it raises the question of religions point of view on homosexuality. Becuase if all religions beleive being gay is wrong, then how come the holiest land on earth (supposadely God’s land) and where Christianity, Judaism and essentially Islam came from is turning into the gay capital of the world. If i was God and I was against homosexuality I would pick another city to turn into the gay capital.”

Well, I think that there is a simple answer to this question… there is no God. It’s strange to me that it takes a very obscure violation of religious law for you to think that there may not be a god. Right now, millions of people are living under tyrants and being tortured and kept from hearing any sort of religion… and don’t give me crap about humans having free will if God knows everything, is all powerful and has been around since the dawn of time and knew everything that would ever happen. If you have all that power, and you created evil and everything that goes with it, you must too be evil.

Sorry about the rant.

I think it’s pretty awesome Tel Aviv is trying to be the gay capital of the world. It’s a whole lot better than it’s old title of “Car bomb capital of the world”.

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  1. HAHAHAHA…yes so true. Next time I get a religious fanatic rambling on about religion Im gonna tell him to go and “straighten” things out in his holy land first and then we can talk.

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