Russian Arms Dealer for Grinder prisoner swap incredibly short sighted

So dumb. The “Lord of war” about to be released by the US government is responsible for arming dictators and mass murderers worldwide, causing tens of thousands of deaths. Brittany Griner is one person who made a very foolish decision to go to Russia, and then another even more foolish decision to bring banned substances with her.… read more “Russian Arms Dealer for Grinder prisoner swap incredibly short sighted”

Ryan Hoover at Ceed Civil Engineering Review

MY REVIEW OF MY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE WITH RYAN HOOVER OF CEED CIVIL ENGINEERING. As always, everything published here is my personal opinion and views of what happened. I paid Ryan Hoover / Aaron Hoover (he went by both names during our work together) of Ceed Civil Engineering $6,300 for very poor quality work delivered at a very slow pace.… read more “Ryan Hoover at Ceed Civil Engineering Review”

Reproduction is good, thus vasectomies are bad

The purpose of all biological life is reproduction. We are taught that from our earliest biology classes in elementary school, high school, and college. So why are men getting vasectomies? I don’t get it. Men are just cutting themselves off from the purpose of life. Children are what give you meaning and purpose.